Ready to roll + One final hurrah

Tomorrow is my first day of the Crazy Sexy Diet‘s 21 day cleanse.

Like I mentioned before, I’m taking this on because my stomach is not doing well with the way I currently eat and my energy levels just can’t seem to keep up with my aspirations. Sometimes it’s difficult to be a foodie and stay healthy. I strongly believe that there is room for everything in a healthy diet: beer, nachos, ice cream and all! Just not on a regular basis. I’ve had a serious attitude adjustment in the last year when it comes to food — I cringe when I read this post. I can honestly say I am not this girl any more. She was uptight and in denial that she had a sucky relationship with food. No fun at all.

I’ve come to the conclusion, however, that it’s more important to me to feel fantastic than to live the foodie life. It’s expensive and taxing on my body. I love going out to restaurants and being social, and that shouldn’t change even though I’m re-evaluating the way that I eat. Not only do I think a more plant-based diet will improve my current health, but the lifestyle really does appeal to me. Conscious and respectful. Acknowledging that the food you eat effects more than just you. Looking past calories and nutrition labels and treating your body to things that improve its current status, not hinder it.

With that said, as a final hurrah, my friend Shifrah picked me up after work and we visited Village Ice Cream that just opened a few weeks ago in Calgary.

If this is my last encounter with dairy, I would be completely ok with it. Toasted coconut and salted caramel on a home-made waffle cone.

Back to the Crazy Sexy Diet, I’ll go into further detail about the 21 day cleanse tomorrow, but today I stocked up my pantry and fridge and here’s my grocery list!

Spinach Eggplant Chickpeas
Romaine Onion Adzukis
Cucumbers Cauliflower Lentils
Peppers Asparagus Cashews
Tomatoes Apples Tempeh
Carrots Banana Chia Seeds
Beets Berries Almond Butter
Basil Mango Tahini
Cilantro Pineapple Nutritional Yeast
Parsley Lemons/ Limes Quinoa
Olives Grapefruit Millet
Sweet Potato Coconut milk Brown Basmati
Broccoli Coconut Water Hummus
Kale Mary’s Crackers Brown Rice Cakes
Celery Tofu Corn Tortillas
Zuchinni Edamame Brown Rice Pasta

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