Crazy Sexy Adventure Day 5: Hearty meals for hungry girl

This morning I went into autopilot and while sipping my warm water with lemon and cayenne put together a banana/ strawberry/ pineapple smoothie with almond milk, spinach and chia seeds. One sip in my taste buds insisted on a heartier breakfast with chew.

I poured a bowl of quinoa granola with banana and berries with a cup of green juice (disregard my pink pajama pants, thanks) The quinoa granola is increadible. Dense and nutritious. A little (I had about a half cup) goes a very long way. Packed with nuts and seeds, three whole grains, deliciously chewy and crunchy at the same time, thanks to the raw quinoa. I love the inclusion of coconut oil in the liquid ingredients and I substituted agave nectar, as I find that I need much less of it to offer sweetness in recipes, and added a sprinkle of cinnamon. Here is the recipe, you’ll be hooked from the first cluster.

For lunch I made a salad of epic proportions topped with tahini-tofu scramble. Such a delicious and satisfying meal with an abundance of protein to refuel me after today’s hard Body Combat class (Upwards of 500 back kicks, side kicks, jump kicks and roundhouse kicks according to our crazy instructor)

I went to work for the afternoon and sipped on the smoothie that I passed on for breakfast

The reason I spent all of yesterday preparing basic meal components was so that on days like today, when I come home starving and ready for a 10 minute meal, all I have to do is assemble, heat (or not) and eat. Today it was warmed kale, zucchini and cherry tomatoes with millet, trail mix (containing dried cranberries, sultanas, pepitas and sunflower seeds) with lemony-tahini dressing simple, fast and so satisfying.


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