Crazy Sexy Adventure Day 7: The {juice} fast and the furious

Has it already been a week?

Today was my juice fasting day. I went in with the intention to go for 24 hours, but to be ok with dropping out at dinner time, which I did. For some reason I woke up with no appetite at all. I lazed around for a bit, drank my hot lemon/ cayenne water and eventually poured my first of many green juices of the day.

Like Kris says in the Crazy Sexy Diet book, a one day juice fast shouldn’t really cause too much drama. A couple of stomach grumbles and a slight head ache, but both were easily repaired with another swig of juice. I also drank herbal tea, water and coconut water throughout the day. My lack of appetite continued, but I just did my best not to make a big deal out of fasting and overall I think it went well.

After work I went to a barbecue at my friend Shifrah’s house. She is the sweetest hostess alive and made sure there were cleanse friendly foods at the party. This is where I finished the juice fast and munched on raw and grilled veggies and a few corn chips with home-made salsa. It was perfect and I’m glad I didn’t pull an ‘Ariffa’ and just stay home sulking and sip on juice.

SO. Seven days in, how’s it going?

Things I’ve noticed

Not a cramp or bloat in sight. I am so used to looking 6 months pregnant by around 3 o’clock in the afternoon and that hasn’t been an issue once all week. It feels strange not to feel strange. Along with possible food intolerance, I think that eating too much and too quickly has a big effect on your body’s ability to digest properly. Kris outlines the importance of chew, chew chewing your food, which I am honestly terrible for. Except for the morning, I usually just cram in my food so that I can move on to the next thing. Taking the time to chew makes meals last much longer and leaves me much more satisfied with simple, clean foods.

Cravings vary from day-to-day. Day three was my desperate for bread day. Yesterday I reeeeaally wanted some yogurt and today I took a good twenty minutes smelling the inside of my mom’s recently emptied coffee cup. I have barely thought about my morning cup of black tea, between the hot lemon/ cayenne water juices and smoothies, I don’t think there would be any room left in my stomach for rich, black tea.

The cleanse has done great things for my energy levels. I generally enjoy a bigger breakfast, but I think that they tend to weigh me down first thing in the morning. Smoothies are typically what I crave on summer mornings, but I’m not about to give up oatmeal any time soon. I enjoy having vegetables as the centerpiece to my meals. I always knew that green-packed meals leave me the most satisfied, but in the end, laziness always won out and I would throw together a sandwich which would eventually lead to a mid afternoon crash which would then lead to a coffee and a sweet to pick me back up (for all of thirty seconds) and on went this ugly cycle.

Plans for the future? I really do enjoy the vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free, caffeine free, alcohol free lifestyle. I don’t find it restrictive or boring, on the contrary, I think it makes me much more creative in the kitchen. However, I don’t intend on setting any hard and fast rules ever about how I eat. It might be a fear of commitment, It might be because I don’t want to type up an entire post about why I am now a vegan only to write up another one about why I am no longer a vegan. (or GF, sugar-free, what have you) What I do know is that right now, I feel crazy sexy. As in, the best I have in a really long time in terms of energy, confidence and digestion (gross). So I intend on making the healthiest, most conscious choices most of the time. From experiencing the benefits of taking that little extra time, effort and awareness, saying no thank you to certain foods shouldn’t be that much of a challenge. Something that I don’t aspire to participate in is a life of gorging and justifying that with a cleanse. I don’t find that to be health supportive at all which is why I, like many others, am an advocate of the 80/20 rule. Greens and goodness 80% of the time, and utter foolishness the rest (within reason, of course)


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