Crazy Sexy Adventure Day 12: Fresh out of green

Between juicing, green smoothies, and beastly salads, I have eaten all the green things in my house! Including a Costco sized bag of romaine lettuce, snap peas, cucumbers… I am a monster.

Breakfast was buckwheat-millet quick bread with almond butter, nectarine and blueberries.

As much as I enjoy my big green smoothies, they are not ideal before a work out. I had one on Sunday before Body Combat and felt pretty uncomfortable throughout the whole class. Breakfasts like this satisfy my growly stomach but don’t have the volume that threatens to resurface at any given jump-kick.

Today’s combat class was a new release, meaning we kicked, punched and screamed to new music and choreography. It was a tough class and I ended up sweating buckets.

Smoothies after combat classes are much more enjoyable. Banana, cherries, almond milk and cocoa powder as soon as I got home from the gym

and baked sweet potato rounds with nutritional yeast and hummus a little bit later.

Today was the first day of registration for the fall semester at school. I’m trying to do as much as I can in terms of work, school and extra curricular without getting overwhelmed and scheduling is tricky but I know from experience, it always works out in the end. A few of the classes that I reaaaallly want to take this semester have already filled up, but I’m just putting it out into the universe that I have faith that a spot will open up for me. Hear that, universe? I’m on to you.

I went to work for the afternoon, picked up a few groceries and was welcomed home by the smell of my mom’s special pasta sauce. She makes it by simply mixing chopped, fresh tomatoes, garlic, salt and an Italian herb blend with a glug of olive oil and broiling it on low until it becomes saucy. I simply do not understand how it always turns out so delicious, although, simple is often best. I mixed it up with some broccoli, spinach, brown rice spaghetti, and nutritional yeast.

Happy Wednesday! I can see the weekend in the not so distant future.


4 thoughts on “Crazy Sexy Adventure Day 12: Fresh out of green

  1. Awesome – I keep thinking about a quick bread recipe, but then I forget to look for one. Perfect.

    And I just bought a sweet potato yesterday! Yay! Aren’t moms the best for the good stuff? Of course, your mom seems to know how to keep it a touch healthier than mine. Haha

    • This recipe is fantastic! I have always felt restricted in gluten-free baking because of all the specialty flours required, but buckwheat flour yields great results (for pancakes too!) and it’s so easy to simply grind flours on your own in a blender. Duh.

      Hehe, the secret to amazing baked sweet potato fries is forgetting about them while you get ready for work and panicking when you smell the sweet, caramel in the air. Works every time… yeah I forget about them every time.

      Yes! It kills me that my mom hates cooking but is so. dang. good at it.

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