Crazy Sexy Diet Wrap Up

I contemplated how to wrap up my crazy sexy diet 21 day adventure cleanse and rather than droning on about what I liked and disliked, here is a quick run down.

  • I love basing my meals around greens. Green smoothies, huge salads, green juices, stirfrys etc. Are incredibly energizing and satisfying
  • It is a time commitment in the beginning but, like any other lifestyle change, a plant-based diet soon becomes second nature
  • My cravings dissipated.
  • I don’t need as much (animal) protein as I thought. Beans, quinoa, nuts and greens are plenty.

Since finishing the cleanse, I reintroduced the foods that were eliminated for the cleanse in extreme moderation. I did my best to follow an 80/20 approach.

Wheat: Tends to cause a heavy feeling a few hours after eating

Dairy: Highly addictive and causes bloating and phlegm (gross)

Sugar and caffeine: Addictive and I feel the adrenaline going immediately after consuming

Alcohol: Toxic. One night out drinking left me a shaking, bed ridden mess for an entire day.

I mentioned in my one week recap that I don’t intend on engaging in a cycle of detoxing and retoxing. Of course, my diet fluctuates, some weeks I eat more kale and some weeks I really like wine. I really work to create a good balance of healthy foods with a few care-free indulgences. While I recognize the benefits of clean, whole foods, I have also seen the unpleasant side of obsessive restriction, so yes, I’ll maintain a heavily plant-based, high vegan diet. But I don’t intend on eliminating anything completely from my diet. I intend to make some of the foods that were eliminated from my diet into once in a while foods, rather than staples. Eg. I will go for gelato with a friend, but I won’t eat a yogurt mess for breakfast every morning for weeks on end. I will unwind from a rough week with a latte or a glass of wine, but I won’t be relying on a cup of coffee every afternoon to get me through my afternoon slump. I expect to reintroduce eggs into my diet more frequently but only from the best sources. Sea food will most likely make it’s way onto my plate a few times a week as well. If I want meat or dairy, I can have it, but I will be picky about where it came from.

So there you go! Crazy Sexy Diet, done. I learned a lot and if you have any more questions please feel free to email me at mycupofteablog{at}gmail{dot}com !


2 thoughts on “Crazy Sexy Diet Wrap Up

  1. Way to get through it girlfriend! Honestly, your posts totally inspired me to go vegan for a while, and I’m feeling amazing, but I totally agree – gelato has its place ;).

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