Monday Morning

{Finishing my morning spin class before the sun woke up}

Excuse my flakiness, since landing back in Calgary, I have been trying to bounce back from a traveller’s cold. Two days of rolling around and whining in bed, and I feel like a new woman {still slightly more snotty than most, but I digress} I am a few weeks out from the return of school. I’m so excited for this semester, I got into all of the classes I was hoping for and things look nothing but bright for the next few months. How are we just over ten days away from September!?

It’s so easy to wake up on Monday mornings with a moan and a groan. But I like to see Mondays as a clean slate, a new opportunity to make your week shine. Every Monday morning I’ll be sharing some things that make me happy in order to start my week off with rainbows and kittens.

{First taste of wine after the Crazy Sexy Diet}

{My beautiful best friend and I and our incapability of taking a decent picture together}

{Songza. Music for right now.}

{Cakebatter ice cream with sprinkles > Birthday cake. The blur represents my sugar high.}


My CSD wrap up is written and ready to post tonight! See you then : )


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