Monday Morning

{End of Summer firework festival}

That blasted cold lingered on for the entirety of last week. Rather than hitting me all at once, it came in sections. One day it was a stuffed up nose, the next, a fever, then came coughing fits, unbearable headaches, achy muscles… I would rather have it all at once for a couple of days than have it looming over me for a week but it seems that I’m back to normal now (with the exception of an annoying headache that is concentrated directly over my right eyebrow)

The cold definitely put a hold on me coming back to my normal routine after vacation. I took it easy in terms of exercise, talking long walks and focussing on reintroducing my body to yoga — it’s amazing what impact a 2.5 week break can have, everything hurt but felt amazing at the same time.

I have two full weeks until school starts up again. I have some loose ends to tie up, bills to pay, oh, and I’m living out of a laundry basket in my basement because my house is currently under renovation.

{Silky watermelon sorbet on a scorching afternoon}

{Perfect weekend weather}

{Friendly reminders at work}

{Playing this song on repeat non-stop for the entire weekend}


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