Monday Morning

{Making friends at the AIDS Calgary walk for life. Albeit friends dressed as sperm and condoms…}

Well, the universe seems to be telling me to slow. down. Last night, before bed, I triple checked my alarm for 5:29 a.m., turned my phone volume to high and layed out my clothes for RPM. Still, this morning, there was no sign of an alarm having ever gone off and I woke up on my own at 6:25.

I was a bit annoyed at first, thinking “crap! they’re probably on the interval track RIGHT. NOW.” But really, if you beleive in signs, which I do, this was one telling me to take the day off. To eat my breakfast peacefully. To catch up on reading. To actually do my hair.

{Long lost childhood photographs courtesy of Fareen from Food Mamma — and for that matter, reconnecting with Fareen over the blogosphere! She used to play with my brother and I when we were wee little things. Can we take a moment to note my chubby wrists, Buddha belly and floral pants? Thank you.}

{Inspiration abound for these pretties. I’ve been having thoughts of a pumpkin carving party. Roasting seeds, spicy cocktails, cozy sweaters. Anyone?}

{New Ray Bans, New outlook}

{Extra curricular activities}

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