Monday Morning

{A sweet and thoughtful gift from a friend – utensil earrings}

Finally. The first day of school is here. My bags are packed, my room is tidy, my color coded excel spreadsheet schedule is complete. What? I know I’m not the only one who becomes more productive with less time on their hands. With classes, assignments, and the overall looming guilt that comes with the school year, I am excited to rediscover my inner, pro-active self. Bring it on, Fall2012.

{The reading list for my Food Culture and Communication course. I’ve read half of these already for fun.}

{My favorite little person eating cake with gusto}

{First taste of Pumpkin of the season: Steel cut oats with pumpkin, cinnamon and maple syrup. Piled high with banana, craisins, dark chocolate and peanut butter}

{Discovering a long lost a gag gift from one of my best friends}


End of Summer lull; Return of a breakfast favorite, and care free treats

I desperately need for school to begin. I am bored to tears. Un-motivated. Going through the motions. The more time I have to do things, the less I do. I thrive off of schedules and deadlines. Though I know that this is just an excuse I like to use for the fact that I’m being very unproductive and lazy these days. Just ignore me while I vent.

This morning, I set my alarm so as to pretend I had some form of structure in my life and ate a Breakfast cookie, the first after a long time!

1/2 a banana, 1/3 c. rolled oats, 1 tbsp. Sunwarrior protein powder, 1 tbsp. cocoa powder, 1 tbsp. shredded coconut, 1 tbsp. peanut butter, splash of almond milk. Mash, spread onto a plate, leave in the fridge overnight. This morning I topped it with a little smear of cocoa bliss (chocolate-coconut butter) and some home-made raspberry chia seed jam. Side of fruit and tea.

After my extremely productive and social morning –sarcasm. I sat in my basement and watched several episodes of Modern Family, folded a basket of laundry, danced around to the 60’s French pop station on Songza and gave myself an at-home coconut oil hair treatment. Real life.


sautéed kale and crimini mushrooms, roasted sweet potato and a fried egg. I almost added feta, but I had big, dairy plans for later in the day.

Finally I washed the half cup of coconut oil out of my hair, pulled on some people clothes and was off to meet another human in the form of my best friend Ashley. We walked and talked and tried on stupid hats. The youzghe <shortened version of ‘usual’

We went our separate ways and I found my self in a sweaty heap on my yoga mat. 75 minutes at Yoga Passage left me a happy, noodly, HUNGRY girl. My friend Nat and I had dinner at Boxwood Cafe. It has been on my “To Eat” list for the longest time but today offered the perfect recipe of hunger, special occasion, and utter disregard for financial status.

Nat’s heading back to Vancouver for school on Thursday, I’ll miss her LOTS but I’m planning on showing up on her door step in BC later this year…

I had the amazing quinoa stuffed eggplant with roasted tomatoes and miso for dinner.

Plus a glass of rosé.

Afterwards we meandered down to Village Ice cream ,where I got bourbon butter pecan and salted caramel. Half scoop of each = 1 scoop in a still warm waffle cone.

So. much. yes. Also, get this: Food when enjoyed thoroughly and without agonizing over as to whether it will give you a stomach ache… does not give you a stomach ache! Noted.

Monday Morning

{End of Summer firework festival}

That blasted cold lingered on for the entirety of last week. Rather than hitting me all at once, it came in sections. One day it was a stuffed up nose, the next, a fever, then came coughing fits, unbearable headaches, achy muscles… I would rather have it all at once for a couple of days than have it looming over me for a week but it seems that I’m back to normal now (with the exception of an annoying headache that is concentrated directly over my right eyebrow)

The cold definitely put a hold on me coming back to my normal routine after vacation. I took it easy in terms of exercise, talking long walks and focussing on reintroducing my body to yoga — it’s amazing what impact a 2.5 week break can have, everything hurt but felt amazing at the same time.

I have two full weeks until school starts up again. I have some loose ends to tie up, bills to pay, oh, and I’m living out of a laundry basket in my basement because my house is currently under renovation.

{Silky watermelon sorbet on a scorching afternoon}

{Perfect weekend weather}

{Friendly reminders at work}

{Playing this song on repeat non-stop for the entire weekend}

Crazy Sexy Diet Wrap Up

I contemplated how to wrap up my crazy sexy diet 21 day adventure cleanse and rather than droning on about what I liked and disliked, here is a quick run down.

  • I love basing my meals around greens. Green smoothies, huge salads, green juices, stirfrys etc. Are incredibly energizing and satisfying
  • It is a time commitment in the beginning but, like any other lifestyle change, a plant-based diet soon becomes second nature
  • My cravings dissipated.
  • I don’t need as much (animal) protein as I thought. Beans, quinoa, nuts and greens are plenty.

Since finishing the cleanse, I reintroduced the foods that were eliminated for the cleanse in extreme moderation. I did my best to follow an 80/20 approach.

Wheat: Tends to cause a heavy feeling a few hours after eating

Dairy: Highly addictive and causes bloating and phlegm (gross)

Sugar and caffeine: Addictive and I feel the adrenaline going immediately after consuming

Alcohol: Toxic. One night out drinking left me a shaking, bed ridden mess for an entire day.

I mentioned in my one week recap that I don’t intend on engaging in a cycle of detoxing and retoxing. Of course, my diet fluctuates, some weeks I eat more kale and some weeks I really like wine. I really work to create a good balance of healthy foods with a few care-free indulgences. While I recognize the benefits of clean, whole foods, I have also seen the unpleasant side of obsessive restriction, so yes, I’ll maintain a heavily plant-based, high vegan diet. But I don’t intend on eliminating anything completely from my diet. I intend to make some of the foods that were eliminated from my diet into once in a while foods, rather than staples. Eg. I will go for gelato with a friend, but I won’t eat a yogurt mess for breakfast every morning for weeks on end. I will unwind from a rough week with a latte or a glass of wine, but I won’t be relying on a cup of coffee every afternoon to get me through my afternoon slump. I expect to reintroduce eggs into my diet more frequently but only from the best sources. Sea food will most likely make it’s way onto my plate a few times a week as well. If I want meat or dairy, I can have it, but I will be picky about where it came from.

So there you go! Crazy Sexy Diet, done. I learned a lot and if you have any more questions please feel free to email me at mycupofteablog{at}gmail{dot}com !

Monday Morning

{Finishing my morning spin class before the sun woke up}

Excuse my flakiness, since landing back in Calgary, I have been trying to bounce back from a traveller’s cold. Two days of rolling around and whining in bed, and I feel like a new woman {still slightly more snotty than most, but I digress} I am a few weeks out from the return of school. I’m so excited for this semester, I got into all of the classes I was hoping for and things look nothing but bright for the next few months. How are we just over ten days away from September!?

It’s so easy to wake up on Monday mornings with a moan and a groan. But I like to see Mondays as a clean slate, a new opportunity to make your week shine. Every Monday morning I’ll be sharing some things that make me happy in order to start my week off with rainbows and kittens.

{First taste of wine after the Crazy Sexy Diet}

{My beautiful best friend and I and our incapability of taking a decent picture together}

{Songza. Music for right now.}

{Cakebatter ice cream with sprinkles > Birthday cake. The blur represents my sugar high.}


My CSD wrap up is written and ready to post tonight! See you then : )

Homeward Bound

It’s been a great two weeks! Lots of family time, sleeping in, shopping (lots), and hanging on the beach. As if that wasn’t enough, I got to spend five extra days with just my best friend, Preeya, who moved away to Texas last Summer. A too short but sweet reunion. I can’t wait until the next one! Europe? New York? California???!

Recap on my trip and Crazy Sexy Adventure Cleanse wrap-up coming soon!

Crazy Sexy Adventure Day 20: Airport Eats


Hi! I’ll make this quick because I have safely made it to Miami, it is 4:00 a.m. and my entire family is doing tequila shots and telling awfully embarrassing stories

My alarm went off at 5:30 this morning, I uttered hateful, unladylike words to it, and then drove to the gym for Bodypump where the teacher FAILED TO SHOW UP. Since I was already there I did my own workout inspired by Bodypump. Not as fun or challenging but something>nothing

It was a rainy, gray morning so I made a big bowl of oats with banana, blueberries, chia seeds, almond milk, granola, and peanut butter.

Last minute packing and nail painting ensued, lunch was a bunch of snacks: A macrobar, some green juice, an apple, roasted seaweed etc. etc.

YYC -> DFW (Dallas)

We had dinner at Blue Mesa and I got veggie tacos on some corn tortillas with a side salad. Easier than expected to find cleanse friendly eats at the airport!

DFW -> MIA (MIAMI!!!!)

Back to the fam, I’ve been sniffing my mom’s glass of wine for the last half hour..

Crazy Sexy Adventure Day 19: Kitchen Cleanse

How is it possibly August already?

This morning I made yet another green smoothie

Frozen banana, cherries, chia seeds, almond butter, cinnamon, almond milk, and a new to me protein: Vega Vanilla Almond.

I liked the taste but there was a wee bit of chalkiness in the texture. I’d have it again though.

More Dexter, some Body Combat, and then it was time for lunch!

Kitchen sink salad: I needed to pack in the produce today in order to avoid any food waste. This had romaine, cucumbers, snap peas, olives, tomato, fresh corn, black beans, banana peppers, nutritional yeast, and hummus. I’ll be making cucumber juice tomorrow to take care of the surplus of them in my fridge.

I went to work for the afternoon and dinner was a strifry of tofu, broccoli and snap peas with  sesame oil, braggs, fresh orange juice, garlic and ginger.

Once again, this is not all I eat! Picture a Macrobar, a hundred fistfuls of blueberries, some pieces of frozen mango, and a couple of peanut butter dipped spoons after and in-between meals 🙂

Operation kitchen clean out is a go! I should probably start packing…

Crazy Sexy Adventure Day 18: Vacation Procrastination

I leave for Miami the day after tomorrow. I plan on throwing whatever is clean into my luggage 15 minutes before departure and cursing myself the entire time I am away that I didn’t plan more efficiently. Acknowledged. Progress.

I’ve been enjoying the same chocolate cherry milkshake smoothie for breakfast for the greater part of this cleanse. If it aint broke… It’s simply frozen banana, frozen cherries, a heaping spoonful of cocoa powder, chia seeds, almond butter and almond milk with a few big handfuls of spinach or kale (or both!) I sometimes add a handful of raw oatmeal if I’m hungrier.

I bummed around for the morning, watching a few episodes of Dexter — I plough through TV series’ like no body’s business. In the last little while I finished LOST, Mad Men, Arrested Development, Community and Girls. It’s a wonder I get anything else accomplished.

Eat – TV – Eat again

Traditional chicken salad has never really appealed to me, but the thought of veganizing the popular, gloppy mess of a sandwich staple sounded fun.

Chick-Un Salad

Serves 1


1/4 block extra firm tofu, pressed and diced

1/2 apple

1/2 c. grapes

2 tbsp. walnuts, chopped

1 celery stalk, diced

2 tbsp. red onion, diced

1 tbsp. hummus

1 tbsp. Dijon mustard

1 tbsp. lemon juice

salt and pepper to taste


Mix and serve with crackers, in a sandwich, wrap or over a bed of greens.

Come to think of it, this would have made a great stuffing for lettuce wraps.

After lunch I declared the day to be TO beautiful to sit at home and watch a handsome serial killer murder other serial killers (seriously, how do they come up with this stuff?) I put on some people clothes and took a stroll to the natural foods market to do some window shopping and pick up a couple of food things to take with me to Miami — protein powder sample packs and a few different kinds of bars, “just in case” things. We’ll probably do a quick grocery trip once we get to Miami because I’m so high maintenance according to my loving family 🙂

My walk accidentally ended up being about a 4 mile loop! Carrying groceries on the way back! Afterwards I took my favorite hot and sweaty class at Yoga Passage so basically my laziness earlier in the day was effectively cancelled out. It’s science.

Crazy Sexy Adventure Day 17: Rest Days

Sometimes I have trouble deciding whether I am listening to my body or just being lazy when I take a day off of exercise. I’m usually pretty energetic and have the physical capability to do something every day. I don’t formally plan rest days because I just figure eventually life will get in the way and I won’t have time to exercise (it does), or there will just be a day that I’m not feeling it. Like today for example. I laughed in my alarm clock’s face when it tried to get me to go to spin this morning (to be fair, I had gone to bed only four hours before) and felt very apathetic towards a yoga class after work. Instead I skipped on home, I am now in my stretchy pants and I have no regrets.

I also made an awesome salad. Spinach, celery, cucumbers, grapes, sunflower seeds, tofu ricotta and home-made balsamic dressing.