Hungry days and seasonal delays

Yesterday I rolled out of bed for a pre-sunrise BodyPump class. I love early, early workouts but only if I get the prescribed 7-8 hours of sleep. Otherwise sleep wins every time.

Weight lifting leaves me hungry all. day. long. I drank a big green smoothie as soon as I got home, but grazed throughout the morning until I decided snacks wouldn’t cut it anymore and put together an earlylunch

Braised kale, olives, chickpeas, trail mix, Mary’s crackers, balsamic, honey, truffle oil with veggies and fruit

For the afternoon I headed to class for my Food Culture and Communication class where we spent three hours talking about local food.

After more snackage and my favorite pumpkin drink

Awake tea soy misto with one pump of pumpkin. Boom.

I was planning on sleeping in this morning but found myself creeping people on Facebook at 4:30 in the morning, so I caught another spin class. I just keep growing more and more obsessed with RPM, I used to find myself on the verge of death by the end of this class but my strength and endurance has grown which means I’ve been finding ways to make it more challenging — cranking up the resistance and staying on the saddle durring climbs.

Breakfast — I call this the “Clinging on to Summer”

Overnight oats with banana, berries, and peanut butter. In reality, I am desperate for Calgary to finally settle in to autumn. Meaning I can wear leggings and leg warmers and denim jackets without dying of heat stroke. But while berries are still in the store (and still delicious!) They’ll be on my plate.

Finally, here is lunch from today. Roasted beets, braised kale, tofu ricotta, garlic stuffed olives, almonds, and balsamic vinegar.

I imagine that my insides are stained a bright shade of magenta.

My days have maintained a steady gym-work-school-yoga-study pattern. Tomorrow will offer something new and exciting into the mix. See you then!


Crazy Sexy Adventure Day 20: Airport Eats


Hi! I’ll make this quick because I have safely made it to Miami, it is 4:00 a.m. and my entire family is doing tequila shots and telling awfully embarrassing stories

My alarm went off at 5:30 this morning, I uttered hateful, unladylike words to it, and then drove to the gym for Bodypump where the teacher FAILED TO SHOW UP. Since I was already there I did my own workout inspired by Bodypump. Not as fun or challenging but something>nothing

It was a rainy, gray morning so I made a big bowl of oats with banana, blueberries, chia seeds, almond milk, granola, and peanut butter.

Last minute packing and nail painting ensued, lunch was a bunch of snacks: A macrobar, some green juice, an apple, roasted seaweed etc. etc.

YYC -> DFW (Dallas)

We had dinner at Blue Mesa and I got veggie tacos on some corn tortillas with a side salad. Easier than expected to find cleanse friendly eats at the airport!

DFW -> MIA (MIAMI!!!!)

Back to the fam, I’ve been sniffing my mom’s glass of wine for the last half hour..


Hi friends! Hope everyone is having a relaxing start to the long weekend.

I took a 9:30 BodyPump class this morning to make my muscles cry.

The lunge track made me want to fall into the fetal position. It was so rough, in fact, that I couldn’t bike home! I rode my bike to the gym, but the ride home is up-hill which is always challenging but doable. Not today. I barely made it ten feet before declaring it impossible. So my bike is currently chained to the bike racks near the gym and I hobbled walked home instead, will hopefully get it back today if my quads allow!

Once I came home I refueled with greek yogurt, pumpkin, maple syrup and PUMPKIN granola sprinkles.

Pumpkin tastes so delicious in September