Well Fed/ Rested


{Salad of spinach, roasted beets, olives, artichoke, lentils, sweet potato, and feta}

It took me exactly one week to burn myself out. Going from 5:30 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. feels great and productive at first, but it is draining and I crashed so easily.

{Overnight oats with berries, bananas, chia seeds, granola and peanut butter}

I’m going to try to say no more often. I am quick to find ways to pick up extra work shifts, pile one the yoga classes, and run (un)necessary errands. I need to remember that my priorities are school, my health, and my family and friends. Over crowding my schedule causes all of them to suffer.

{Quesadilla with smoked turkey, sliced pear, brie, and kale in a spelt tortilla}



Rainbows Kittens and Butterflies

Hi there! Long weekends that make short work weeks are the best! Though, Wednesday will always be hump day, I was this close to falling asleep at my desk today! 13 hours of sleep, coming up! < I’m not kidding.

Since my family had Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday night, we had Monday to relax. I had gym plans but, oh yeah, the gym is closed on holidays. So I spent 30 minutes cleaning and doing laundry and the rest of the day creating a permanent impression of my butt in the couch. It was glorious!

Yesterday was my first day back to work and it went by so quickly because I had plans for after work!

My best friend ever since we were in pre-school Ashley just got back from her adventures in Europe with a slight accent and a slew of stories! I missed her so, p.s. she’s an incredible musician, see listen for yourself!

We came home to dinner 95% cooked thanks to super-mom who made some sautéed spinach and threw some sweet potatoes into the oven. All we did when we got home was add some sautéed shrimp to the spinach and dinner was served! With wine! on a Tuesday !?! We also nibbled on brie and triscuits, still working on that giant wheel of brie from Thanksgiving!

So happy to have my friend back on this side of the world!

This morning, I did the work thing and had plans for yoga after, but my sleepiness won out and I decided on a chill evening at home, especially because I have a very busy weekend coming up!

Dinner was MORE BRIE with cranberry sauce (also from Thankgsiving dinner), Dijon mustard and spinach. On the side I had sautéed brussels with butter, olive oil, white wine, red onion, salt, pepper raisins and honey. I had high hopes for these but they were just O.K.

Have a nice night!

One Day Weekend

I was at work for most of the day yesterday and relaxed the evening away afterward, so I crammed all of my weekend to-dos into today!

6:30 wake up call for a quick 2 mile run,

I slept so well last night! Maybe this is why people complain so much on their blogs, the problems magically resolve themselves

Broke the fast

My latest rut. I’ve eaten this same breakfast every morning for the past two weeks: Blueberries, banana, greek yogurt, Pumpkin Flax granola, peanut butter

Burried Berry. The fruit is hiding underneath all the good stuff

I went to Costco and the mall with my mom and came home, starving as usual. I think I’m hungry every single time I walk through my front door.

Brie, pesto and dried cranberries on a whole-grain english muffin, carrots, olives, and a cara cara orange, one of my favorite fruits, I was so excited to see them at Costco today!

I went to Yoga Flow before my Karma cleaning shift (I spend an hour and a half a week cleaning the Yoga Passage and in return get a free, unlimited membership)

While we were at the mall today my mom and I were picking up a new toy for me

!!! So excuse me while I fall of the face of the earth for a little while!

Work All Day

Party all night!

After a longer day at work today, the only thing on my mind for afterwards was a quick dinner, a new book, and my pajamas

Quick Dinner:

Brie, Pesto and dried cranberry grilled cheese sandwich! Quick and fancy.

Dessert -there’s always dessert.

Pumpkin spice tea (naturally decaf) steeped in soymilk

That little ball in the background?

Raw pecan pie bite!

1 c. pecans, 10 dates, pinch of salt, splash of vanilla, tsp. cinnamon.

blend in a food processor->roll into balls->eat->swoon