Dehydration Nation

The weather in Calgary is getting hotter by the minute. I love the heat but unfortunately the combination of my cutting back on caffeine (in preparation for the Crazy Sexy Diet I’ll be starting on Saturday) and it being seemingly impossible to drink enough water has left me with a lingering headache that just won’t quit.

This morning I took an extra hour of sleep and made a simple bowl of cereal with berries, banana, flax, peanut butter and soymilk. Cereal never keeps me full unless I bulk it up with all the fixin’s

Today was one of the three days this month that I didn’t have to go in to work so I spent the morning cleaning up the mess that has accumulated in my room.

Lunch was roasted butternut squash, chickpeas, goats cheese and trail mix with a hummus dressing that is simply carmelized onion hummus mixed with Dijon mustard and thinned out with vegetable broth.

After lunch I was off for a hair cut and then yoga. It has been a while since I indulged in a long yoga binge so I stuck around for the Ishta class and then the hot. My yoga practise has felt a little bit forced and I have had more ‘bad’ classes than good ones but today I felt like I could go on forever. It’s so important not to take the bad classes so seriously because they really do make you appreciate the good ones that much more.

On my way home I guzzled this coconut water in 30 seconds flat.

I do find that having some coconut water does help with the headaches and dehydration. If only it wasn’t so pricey!

I had planned on making a big, cold smoothie for dinner but my mom made turkey lasagna and I didn’t take any convincing for me to change my dinner plans.  Especially as I’ll be drinking smoothies like it’s my job starting next week.

Served with garlic bread and romaine dressed simply with lemon juice, honey and salt.

Off to drink a million cups of water. I’ll be up all night emptying my bladder. Just so you know.

Feels like Wednesday.

Last night I was listening to Boyce Avenue, drinking tea and staring out my window at the thunder-storm and I couldn’t help but think “Man, I am such a cliché”

Weetabix, granola, cinnamon, sucanat, banana, blueberries, almond butter, almond milk

I’ll make this quick because I’m gunning for at least eight hours of shut-eye tonight. Today I walked to the gym in the sunshine, went to Body Combat for an hour, and walked home in the pouring rain. Calgary weather is stupid. I went to work for the afternoon and came home starved which usually results in BFD – Breakfast for dinner.

Ketchup/ Hummus/ Cheese Omelette, toast with butter, banana and peanut butter.

Vegetables, what?

Sunday in chambray

Hey, it’s Ina Garten

Right!?!? The hair is one thing but the chambray shirt just puts it over the top.

I decided to give cereal a second chance today. This time I mixed it into 2% greek yogurt and it stuck to my ribs for 6 hours. Through a Body Combat class and weights.

With heaps of berries (can’t get enough ! ) banana slices, cereal(s) and peanut butter Welcome to the breakfast rotation!

Like I said, I made it to the gym today, after a week of depending on walking and yoga for activity, it felt good to have a grunt-inducing workout for a change.

Showered and lunched on a salad beast of epic proportions.

Last night’s leftovers over romaine with lime juice and siracha

A few hours later I got hungry again and made a smoothie with frozen banana, almond milk and vanilla protein powder with hunks of Ezekiel cinnamon raisin bread on the side.

I know I’ve mentioned that I hate all protein powders but I think I have found one that I actually enjoy. It makes everything taste like vanilla ice cream and the real kicker is that it has been right under my nose. As in, I’ve been selling it to people at work for the past two years. This is the brand, it’s about as good as it gets ingredient-wise for whey protein.

After snacking I walked to the grocery store. I have a catering gig on Tuesday and needed to pick up some supplies.

Back at home there were turkey burgers on the grill! I quickly cut up some sweet potatoes and tore up a bunch of kale, coated both in the same coconut oil, granulated garlic, salt and herb mixture and threw them into the oven. 30 minutes for the sweet potatoes, 10 for the kale chips.

I piled my cobs bun high with olive oil mayo, siracha (addicted), lettuce, banana peppers, cheddar, sauerkraut and one of the burgers.

Any plans for Victoria Day, fellow Canadians??

The Bucket List

Last Saturday I finished at work but it was just to gorgeous outside to simply come home and play on Pinterest all night long. After exchanging a few texts with my friend Torrie, I ended up sitting on the patio at The Living Room with a big glass of wine. Love it when that happens.

We shared a couple of oysters. This was my first time trying oysters and they were essentially what I was expecting. Briney, slimy and clean. Checked off my unwritten bucket list

It’s that wonderful time of the year that my cravings switch and healthy eating becomes effortless because all I want is simply prepared, fresh foods. Also ice cream and sangria but I digress.

I want green monsters for every meal. I have my recipe perfected:

Big scoop (~2 tbsp) each of: vanilla protein powder, peanut flour, rolled oats. Little scoop (~1 tbsp) each of chia seeds and cocoa powder. 1 frozen, chopped banana, 1 c. almond milk, ~2 packed cups of spinach/ kale.

A big bowl of cereal had been calling to me for the last few days so this morning I slept in an threw together a bowl with a couple different kinds of cereal, flax, peanut butter, banana slices and beautiful berries with almond milk.

Cereal always makes me really full and then really hungry a few hours later. Lesson learned. Cereal = snack, not meal.

My mom and I tag teamed dinner tonight.

She charred grilled veggies and I made shrimp and potatoes. I steamed the baby potatoes for about 20 minutes and tossed them while they were still hot with lemon juice, pesto and goats cheese.

The shrimp was sautéed in butter with corn, garlic, and Cajun seasoning. Spicy and smokey, this dinner was extremely multi-cultural now that I think about it.

Do you have a bucket list?

I am constantly updating a bucket list in my head. Items on my list generally revolve around travel, education and food. i.e. go gallivanting across Europe for a non-specific amount of time, take Yoga teacher training at The Yoga Passage and learn how to poach an egg.

Looks like we made it

Friday daaaaaaannnnnce! This week felt so long. Likely a combination of getting back into my regular routine as well as ensuring enough preparation for this weeks exams. But we made it to the weekend!

It’s a GOOD Friday, too! I had my last midterm this morning, meaning I have a very relaxing weekend homework wise. Some easy reading is all I have on the schedule.

I wanted to squeeze in a little workout before my exam so I went to the University gym for some incline walking with my flashcards and back and bicep’s weights. I’ve switched from regular barbel curls to bicep 21s. They had my big scary muscles screaming.

Before the gym I made a big breakfast of Weetabix with granola sprinkles, cinnamon, banana, strawberry, peanut butter and almond milk

After my exam I headed to work for the day and ate this lunch at my desk

Medi-egg salad with a couple wasa crackers + strawberries, which tasted so good.

It was a pretty busy day at work and by the time I got home, nothing sounded better than a grilled cheese sandwich and a glass of wine. But there was no wine to be found! Oh well, one for two, not so bad.

Fresh sourdough, Dijon mustard, cheese and tomato slices fried in a smidge of butter. For a little extra flavour, once you’ve grilled your sandwich, rub a raw clove of garlic on the outer sides of your bread. I cannot wait for the day that garlic breath is socially acceptable.

Off to do a whole lot of nothing! Hey, weekend.

Same ol’ Saturday and Sunday

Weekend posts seem to be becoming the norm around here. I’ll work on fitting in a few week day posts this week since my weekends are pretty routine.

Like slow, leisurely breakfasts. I enjoyed this classy, straight-from-the-waining-container bowl of yogurt with banana, pinapple and strawberries with chia seeds, peanut butter and granola.

Weekend posts seem to be becoming the norm around here. I’ll work on fitting in a few weekday posts this week since my weekends are pretty routine.

Like slow, leisurely breakfasts. I enjoyed this classy, straight-from-the-waning-container bowl of yogurt with banana, pineapple and strawberries with chia seeds, peanut butter and granola.

Breakfast was pretty substantial and it had to be in order to keep me going through my Saturday yoga doubles. Late lunches are to be expected on Saturdays

On Friday night, we ordered pizza and I made a big salad made with spinach, romaine, tomatoes, hearts of palm and shredded carrots to go along side. Saturday’s lunch was leftover salad topped with chickpeas, sunflower seeds, hummus and feta cheese.

It was really delicious and really satisfying.

After a little bit of reading and a whole lot of relaxing, I got started on dinner which was, yet again, inspired by Jen at Peanut Butter Runner. What can I say? It seems we have very similar taste buds because everything I see on her blog looks so very appealing.

I used her recipe for Brie and Apricot Chicken and served it along side sautéed kale and wild rice medley.

I slept in this morning and despite the sprinkling of snow that came overnight, I wanted something cold so I made a quickie breakfast of Weetabix, banana slices, dried cranberries, granola sprinkles, cinnamon, almond butter and almond milk.

This breakfast is so filling, almost too filling before kickboxing, but I needed the fuel to beat the crap out of the air in front of me.

The rest of the day draaaagged on. I feel like once I’m done with my homework, I have too much time on my hands, which is not true at all because I haven’t touched my laundry all week, my room is a mess and my feet are in desperate need of a self-pedicure.

Lunch was a fried egg with toast and mango slices

Later in the afternoon my mother brought me a coffee with I doctored up with frothed soymilk, cinnamon, and maple syrup.

Have you tried sweetening your coffee with maple syrup? Highly recommended.

Kick boxing days are my second hungriest days of the week (followed by lower-body-weights days) and my hunger hit me SO hard that I basically ran to the kitchen, made these potatoes, and hovered around my mom while she assembled turkey burgers. Once everything was in the oven, I proceeded to alternate between wolfing down forkfuls of salad and opening the oven door to check if dinner was ready. In my haste, I burnt my finger on a baking pan. Eventually, dinner was served.

Turkey burger on a whole-grain English muffin, ketchup, mustard, lettuce, tomatoes + Taters

I have a couple of hours before I head to bed, just enough time to squeeze in one load of laundry and do something about the state of my toes. G’night!

Shades of Brown

Happy Wednesday!

Cereal, it’s what’s for breakfast.

I always hear people complain that one bowl of cereal does nothing to fill them up in the morning. To this I say: whole-grains, fruit and fat! I had a very brown bowl of weetabix and granola clusters, banana slices, cinnamon, dried cranberries almond milk and a big spoon full of almond butter for maximum rib-stickage.

The rest of the day was… well, a day. I have managed to lose my student I.D. after a whopping TWO weeks at the University. Not ideal as I need that card to get into the gym and ride public transit. Forced rest day, I’m sure it’s for the best. The remainder of the day continued on a wonky path but thank goodness for deep breaths and soy-mistos and chats with friends, funny how the little amazing things can so easily cancel out the little annoying things.

Little amazing thing: Grabbing a raw, vegan cookie dough ball only to find that it has attached itself to a friend.

Chilly Whack

Oh me oh my. I’m slowly re-heating after a chilly day at the clinic. Unfortunately our heat was not working! 100 phone calls later, things should be back in order by MONDAY. Oh, life.

This morning, I fueled the furnace with a hot bowl of apple cinnamon oatmeal with a big scoop of almond butter

oats, chia seeds, almond milk, cinnamon, apple sauce, chopped apple, almond butter, walnuts

Worked and worked and grabbed a cinnamon plum tea on my way home. DEFROST ME.

I didn’t formally exercise today, but all of my muscles were contracted for 6 hours straight, that counts right?

Throughout this cleanse, I’ve been sticking with oats for breakfast because they’re easy and delicious and filling. But I’ve had a hankering for crunchy cereal all of a sudden! Unfortunately, Lucky Charms are not on the program (I checked) so I took matters into my own hands

Detox Cereal

Inspired by Quinoa Granola

1/4 c. millet
1/4 c. quinoa
1 1/2 c. rolled oats
3/4 c. nuts and seeds (I used almonds, sunflower seeds and pepitas)
2 tbsp whole flax seeds
1/2 c. unsweetened apple sauce
1 tsp. cinnamon
1 tsp. vanilla
2 tbsp. honey (or maple syrup)
2 c. puffed brown rice

Preheat the oven to 300.

Rinse millet and quinoa and lay out to dry slightly. In a bowl combine oats, millet, quinoa, nuts and seeds.
Mix applesauce, honey, cinnamon and vanilla. Pour over oat mixture and stir until evenly coated.
Spread mixture onto a baking sheet in a thick layer (this makes clusters!) and bake for 45 minutes, stirring every 15.
Mix granola clusters into brown rice cereal and store in an air-tight container.

Stay warm!

The Bribe

Exams are over, my grades are in – 4.0 what, whaat-, and now it’s time to get everything that I put on the back burner over the last month back in order.

Clean my room, take care of my laundry, clean my bathroom, shave my legs

I hate all of these chores and find almost any excuse to avoid them, So I’m bribing myself. If I finish this all by 4, I can go to Zumba tonight. I really want to go to zumba tonight, it’s been on hiatus while the instructor went through exams and it’s been almost three weeks!

Fueled up with a huge bowl of cereal.

brown rice crisps, rolled oats, natures path heritage flakes, crunchy buckwheat granola, banana, strawberries, cinnamon, flax, almond milk

Go. Go. Go.