I had a delicious yoga practise today. Although, it’s kind of difficult to clear my mind when my hips are screaming at me.

I also got a new mat:

It was a hot yoga class so I tried some coconut water to replenish my electrolytes.

I wasn’t a fan, but I wouldn’t put coconut water on my foods I hate list.


I’m no photography pro. I usually take pictures of my food at different angles until I can get one that isn’t blurry or doesn’t have a shadow of me hovering over it and call it good. I like my food to look appetizing but for some meals it’s









Am I preeeetttyyy?


…On the inside

Quinoa + chickpeas + roasted broccoli + left over broccoli soup.

It was delicious. I understand if you don’t belive me.

then there was dessert..

Medjool date+ Walnut Butter + Dark chocolate

Kind of looks like a squished cockroach with its insides spilling out, no?