Crazy Sexy Adventure Day 17: Rest Days

Sometimes I have trouble deciding whether I am listening to my body or just being lazy when I take a day off of exercise. I’m usually pretty energetic and have the physical capability to do something every day. I don’t formally plan rest days because I just figure eventually life will get in the way and I won’t have time to exercise (it does), or there will just be a day that I’m not feeling it. Like today for example. I laughed in my alarm clock’s face when it tried to get me to go to spin this morning (to be fair, I had gone to bed only four hours before) and felt very apathetic towards a yoga class after work. Instead I skipped on home, I am now in my stretchy pants and I have no regrets.

I also made an awesome salad. Spinach, celery, cucumbers, grapes, sunflower seeds, tofu ricotta and home-made balsamic dressing.

Looks like we made it

Friday daaaaaaannnnnce! This week felt so long. Likely a combination of getting back into my regular routine as well as ensuring enough preparation for this weeks exams. But we made it to the weekend!

It’s a GOOD Friday, too! I had my last midterm this morning, meaning I have a very relaxing weekend homework wise. Some easy reading is all I have on the schedule.

I wanted to squeeze in a little workout before my exam so I went to the University gym for some incline walking with my flashcards and back and bicep’s weights. I’ve switched from regular barbel curls to bicep 21s. They had my big scary muscles screaming.

Before the gym I made a big breakfast of Weetabix with granola sprinkles, cinnamon, banana, strawberry, peanut butter and almond milk

After my exam I headed to work for the day and ate this lunch at my desk

Medi-egg salad with a couple wasa crackers + strawberries, which tasted so good.

It was a pretty busy day at work and by the time I got home, nothing sounded better than a grilled cheese sandwich and a glass of wine. But there was no wine to be found! Oh well, one for two, not so bad.

Fresh sourdough, Dijon mustard, cheese and tomato slices fried in a smidge of butter. For a little extra flavour, once you’ve grilled your sandwich, rub a raw clove of garlic on the outer sides of your bread. I cannot wait for the day that garlic breath is socially acceptable.

Off to do a whole lot of nothing! Hey, weekend.