The Smell of Rain

Good evening!

I got home just before the rain got me. The air was full of the thick, earthy smell that everyone says that they love. I’m not certain what that smell is, but I have a theory that it’s the smell of earth worm’s sweat because they’re working so hard to push up out of the soil and crowd my side walks!

For dinner I had a mix of brown basmati rice, chicken, pesto, dried cranberries, pecans, walnuts and feta. Steamed spinach on the side.




I was gifted a $50 gift card to William Sonoma for my birthday this year. I want everything┬áin that store, but when I actually had money to spend there I didn’t know where to put it! Honestly, $50 dollars won’t get you very much at William Sonoma if you’re looking for equipment, maybe the 1/3 c. from a set of measuring cups. Or a shattered wine glass.

Thankfully they have a bunch of fancy foodie goods! I came home with a bag of fun pasta and a bottle of garlic infused olive oil.

It hasn’t been cool enough for me to crave a heaping plate of pasta, until today! I texted my mom to pleeeease make her special pasta sauce (essentially fresh tomatos, spinach, garlic, salt, pepper, oregano, pesto and olive oil broiled in the oven until saucy)

Pasta names are too much fun. These are called Radiatori, Italian for Radiators. But look closely at them, does anyone know the Italian word for brains? Or intestines?

Work All Day

Party all night!

After a longer day at work today, the only thing on my mind for afterwards was a quick dinner, a new book, and my pajamas

Quick Dinner:

Brie, Pesto and dried cranberry grilled cheese sandwich! Quick and fancy.

Dessert -there’s always dessert.

Pumpkin spice tea (naturally decaf) steeped in soymilk

That little ball in the background?

Raw pecan pie bite!

1 c. pecans, 10 dates, pinch of salt, splash of vanilla, tsp. cinnamon.

blend in a food processor->roll into balls->eat->swoon