Pity Party Pizza

Yesterday was, well, not the best. I had a haze around my head all day and got home emotionally spent. Dramatic, no?

I got home wanting something comforting, emotional eating at its finest.

As a youngin’ I liked ground meat and pineapple on my pizza

I left the ground meat out, but this pity-party-pita-pizza made me happy at the end of a bum day.

On a brighter note, my pictures from my photoshoot with my friend Will are finished, of the two-hundred-something taken, fourty-something made the cut, here are some favorites:

Today was better and tomorrow will be fantastic, I’m almost certain there will be yoga involved



Oats, greek yogurt, banana, crofters, peanut butter, hemp granola. MMM.

Daily movement: Ashtanga yoga. Beautiful class and amazing instructor, I think I’m partial to male instructors, todays was a wise hippie with a big beard and friendly smile and John Lennon glasses

Today I had a fun photo shoot with Preeya’s friend (and now officially my friend!) Will.

You’ll see the photos when I do ! We took a bunch by the river, in the park and in my kitchen !

It was funny because I’m not one of those people who takes good candid pictures, but if I have to look into a camera for more than a couple of seconds I make my awkward face:

I’ll just stick to taking pictures of my food …


I had a delicious yoga practise today. Although, it’s kind of difficult to clear my mind when my hips are screaming at me.

I also got a new mat:

It was a hot yoga class so I tried some coconut water to replenish my electrolytes.

I wasn’t a fan, but I wouldn’t put coconut water on my foods I hate list.


I’m no photography pro. I usually take pictures of my food at different angles until I can get one that isn’t blurry or doesn’t have a shadow of me hovering over it and call it good. I like my food to look appetizing but for some meals it’s









Am I preeeetttyyy?


…On the inside

Quinoa + chickpeas + roasted broccoli + left over broccoli soup.

It was delicious. I understand if you don’t belive me.

then there was dessert..

Medjool date+ Walnut Butter + Dark chocolate

Kind of looks like a squished cockroach with its insides spilling out, no?