Well Fed/ Rested


{Salad of spinach, roasted beets, olives, artichoke, lentils, sweet potato, and feta}

It took me exactly one week to burn myself out. Going from 5:30 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. feels great and productive at first, but it is draining and I crashed so easily.

{Overnight oats with berries, bananas, chia seeds, granola and peanut butter}

I’m going to try to say no more often. I am quick to find ways to pick up extra work shifts, pile one the yoga classes, and run (un)necessary errands. I need to remember that my priorities are school, my health, and my family and friends. Over crowding my schedule causes all of them to suffer.

{Quesadilla with smoked turkey, sliced pear, brie, and kale in a spelt tortilla}



Crazy Sexy Adventure Days 14, 15, 16: Weekend Warrior

Hello! I decided to take the weekend to just relax and recoup. I cannot believe that there are four days left of my adventure cleanse where did the time go?!

On Friday I took advantage of my morning off and went to work for a Chiropractic treatment (my first ever!) followed by a Naturopathic appointment. I am so, so lucky to work where I do. Continuing on with my healthy momentum, I took a lunch hour class at Yoga Passage and then settled into work for the afternoon. Once I arrived home, I declared a night off of greens in favour of something a little different

Sweet Potato Blackbean Quesadilla

Serves 1


  • 1 tortilla (I used Food for Life brown rice but sprouted wheat would be great too)
  • 1/4 c. grated sweet potato
  • 1/8 c. fresh corn
  • 1/8 c. blackbeans
  • 2 tbsp. chopped cilantro
  • 1 small clove of garlic
  • sliced white onion
  • 1/2 tsp. coconut oil


In a small pan, quickly sautee the sweet potato in the coconut oil until brown. Add in the rest of the ingredients and cook together until the corn is slightly softened and the sweet potato is cooked through. Spread hummus onto the surface of your tortilla and sprinkle with nutritional yeast. Place your sweet potato mixture onto one half of the tortilla, fold over and bake at 350 for 5-10 minutes until browned and bubbly.

Saturday was a long day at work as well as juice fast day.

I drank green juice until I got home at 5:00  and then made a big chocolate cherry green smoothie with almond butter and a sprinkle of granola.

Sunday was all over the place. Before going to bed the night before, I poured some almond milk over some of my quinoa granola and left it to soak overnight. In the morning I added berries and dug in. I think this is what people call muesli. Thoughts?

Of course, Sunday morning means Body Combat. After class, a quick shower and a smoothie, my mom and I went to wander about the mall for a few hours and then I was off for the best night I’ve had in a while! Before I get to that, let me show you dinner

My favourite summer salad is spinach, quinoa, strawberries, walnuts and feta with a balsamic dressing. The flavour combination is perfection, but, of course, feta is not Crazy Sexy approved. When the craving struck I made a quick batch of tofu ricotta and it was so, so delicious, I had several spoonfuls before even putting it ontop of my salad. It offers the salty, sourness that I love so much about feta cheese in this salad.

This past weekend was the Calgary Folk Music Festival. I have known about it for months but, being me, I put off buying tickets until it was too late and they were sold out. Basically crushed, as Iron and Wine, one of my favorite groups, was going to be the closing act of the festival. While lying in bed on Saturday night, I was having nagging thoughts to track a ticket down. After a quick scan on kijiji I was so lucky to find one for the regular price! Even better, the girl selling the ticket goes to Yoga Passage so exchange was simple enough. Sometimes things are just meant to be.

Like finding the perfect spot for Sam Beam to serenade you. I got home late and went to sleep late and missed spin+core this morning but who. cares. This was epic.

Super Weekend

Happy Sunday! Whether you were watching foot ball, working, relaxing or catching up on stuff from the week, I hope it was a good weekend! Mine was a perfect mix of work and play. Saturday started with one of my old favorite breakfasts:

Plain Greek yogurt, banana, chia seeds, raw oats, strawberries topped with crunchy peanut butter and apricot preserves.

I spent the rest of the day studying at Starbucks and taking my usual double dip into the yoga studio. Ashtanga 2 followed by Restorative. The rest of the day was spent grocery shopping and out to dinner with my friend Shayna.

I started my Sunday kicking and screaming (kickboxing class) came home, showered made lunch inspired by a creation I saw on Jens blog a few days back and made sure to pick up the necessary ingredients when I was at the store yesterday.

Brown rice tortilla (I love the texture) with a scrambled egg, goat brie, apricot preserves and spinach. With carrots, strawberries and persimmon on the side. Good lunch!

After eating, I studied for a few hours, napped, and woke up just as my mom was coming back from yoga. She graciously picked up a coffee for me on her way home.

Am I the only one who needs a snack as soon as she wakes up from a nap?

Being that it was Super Bowl Sunday, dinner was turkey chili with all the fixin’s, salad and blue corn chips

Funnily enough, no one in the house really cares about football, highlights were obviously the Hunger Games movie preview and Madonna’s half time show. For the rest of the game I alternated reading my textbook and watching Toy Story 3.


Bring on the Dijon

I had two exams today, Nutrition Trends and Controversy and Menu Planning for Special Diets.

I finished the first one in no time and had over an hour until my next one so I went to the gym for thirty minutes of sprints and incline walking, zipped through my second exam and was home before noon!

It’s always a treat to be home for lunch, today I made one of my favorites, the cheese and pumpkin quesadilla. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it! I also had a pile of steamed broccoli with bragg’s amino acids, which I’m really digging right now.

A few bites into the quesadilla something just wasn’t right, it wasn’t as fantastic as I remembered… then I realized.

I forgot the mustard! The Dijon mustard MAKES this recipe. It’s crucial. Imperative. Vital. Essential (and any other synonyms for very important) to the flavour of this wrap. I carefully separated the layers of the tortilla and spread a little mustard on the inside. No harm done.

Speaking of harm, I think I’ve pulled a muscle!  Although I’m not as into weight lifting as I was over the summer (I’m a fitness phaser, you can read about it on my About Me page) I still do some strength training at least twice a week because I don’t want to lose the strength that I’ve gained so far. Anyways, yesterday I did some grunt-inducing bicep curls, and right before I went to bed, I felt a sharp pain between my bicep and my shoulder and I can barely lift my left arm. It makes me feel like a TANK. but that’s really not good. I’m going to yoga tonight, that should fix me right up!

That Scab

Yesterday, after work, I headed to yoga and while I was holding Downward Dog I saw a scab on my ankle

and realized that I completely forgot to share this kind of funny story! Before my presentation on Wednesday, I was having a bit of a coughing fit so I ran to the Safeway to get some lozenges. While I was walking out of the store, I completely wiped out and scratched my ankle. It was bleeding during my entire presentation. True story.

Is it gross to show you food now? Well, sorry, I bribed my brother to come pick me up from work today.

We went to Mucho Burritomostly because of the name– I got a small vegetarian quesadilla. It was really nice and fresh for take-out

Sweet Bubbly

These next two weeks are going to be hectic! It’s time for final presentations and projects which are all conveniently due in the same week! With evening classes, work and some other projects going on, I’m going to have to be on my A-game.

Until today, I had only ever heard of The Coup. It’s a vegetarian restaurant in Calgary and I’ve only ever heard good things about it and I finally got around to visiting today for lunch. Preeya and I took a nice long walk (longer than necessary, we are both directionally challenged) from school to the restaurant and were seated after a short wait.

One of my instructors mentioned The Coup’s falafel quesadilla and how fantastic it was.

I also got a root beer because it sounded so. good.

It’s been so long! My taste buds were so confused by the sweet bubbles.

The quesadilla was huge and came with an overflowing salad and tzadziki.     DE-licious. I ate half and all my salad, the other half shall be dinner!

With that, I declaire April eat-in month! That means no coffees either! I love going to restaurants, but this past month has been haaard on my bank account. I have lots of things I want to do in the coming years and every penny counts — it’s time to save save save! I’m excited because I’ll be making more delicious things at home, but my school has the best coffee!