Days go by

Where did we leave off?

Thursday morning I started my day at the yoga studio for a warm flow practise. It was a perfect, sweaty start to the day ahead. Breakfast was toast with banana, almond butter, honey and granola with a side of summer fruit that just won’t quit

I was invited to a sneak peek at the Calgary Home and Design show, I brought along my friend Torrie since she is obsessed with interior design. We wandered around looking at all of the vendor booths, I paused for a good chunk of time to drool over a Vitamix and wrapped up our tour with a visit to the Fiasco food truck for some gelato.

We also tried one of their Belgian waffles which heavy and doughy and heavenly. I scooped spoonfuls of my cappuccino gelato onto every bite of my half of this monster.

I invited my friend Shifrah over for dinner, wine and Glee, so as soon as we got home we started cooking.

On the menu: Quiona with roasted butternut squash, kale and feta, and broiled tilapia with pesto.

I had also been bitten by the baking bug, so we whipped up a quick batch of vegan almond butter blondies with dark chocolate chips and raspberries stirred in. Serve with a scoop of banana soft serve spiked with coconut cream which I HIGHLY recommend.

Despite a sugar/ white wine hangover, I was recovered enough on Friday morning to go to Body Pump. I’ve been going pretty consistently so I upped the weights and wanted to die by the end (in the best way possible) that is what I love about the pump, it never, ever gets easy.

I took advantage of a short break in my day to catch up on some reading and inhale my lunch — some chickpeas/ quinoa/ hummus/ veggie mix. It’s the quickest, most filling healthy meal I can throw together

Class – Work – Dinner – Crash.

Saturday I was up bright and early, gobbled up an almond butter blondie and caught an early hot class before work. I dilly-dallied on my way home since it was such a beautiful day out and I work in one of the most beautiful parts of the city.

Once I finally made it home I put together a big salad heavy on the toppings

Wild rice mix, green lentils, chopped pear, red onion, blue cheese, walnuts, home-made honey-balsamic dressing over spinach.

Then I proceeded to sleep for 11 glorious hours. I am sad to report that my lingering cold snuck up on me again! I caught it early at throat tickles and pumped myself full of Echinacea and vitamin C and I think that did the trick, except for my obnoxious right nostril which refuses to unplug.

Today was most certainly not a day of rest but was probably my favorite day this week.

3 Course Breakfast:

  • 1st course: Echinacea
  • 2nd course: Emergen-C
  • 3rd course: Smoothie with banana, blueberries, almond milk, perfect fit protein, peanut butter, spinach

Then I hopped on a bus and a train to spend the day down at Eau Claire for the AIDS Calgary Walk for Life. If you’ll recall, I’m a volunteer photographer with the society so I was fortunate enough to spend the day capturing moments of fun at the event.

{The extra F in my name is for Fabulous}

I was so, so impressed with every aspect of the event. The passion for this cause is so inspiring between the members of AIDS Calgary Awareness Association, all of the sponsors, volunteers and participants.

I wrapped up the day at Yoga Passage for a fast, hot, and sweaty class that I ended with a few minutes of head standing to try and clear out my sinuses.

Sleep tight.

Move Breathe Flow

Hey guys! Did you all have a wonderful weekend?

I really did. Work went by quickly on Saturday and I came home to get to work on my catering gig for move.breathe.flow at the Yoga Passage tonight.

1. Quinoa Stuffed Mushroom 2. Caprese Bites 3. Sweet Potato Fries 4. Chocolate Stuffed Raspberries 5. Green Smoothie 6. Coconut-Date Bites

This morning I had a strange twinge in my elbow/ triceps that prevented me from fully straightening my right arm so I bowed out of body combat knowing I’d probably only make the problem worse if I spent an hour punching the air with all my might. I’m glad I did because food prep took much more time than I had expected and I was working from 9 am right until 3:30. At that point, my elbow was much better so I packed up the food and headed to Yoga Passage for the 4:00 Hot and very sweaty class. After a quick shower I set up the food for the event.

Move.breathe.flow is a fundraiser raising money that goes towards scholarships for yoga teacher training. I catered the first one but wasn’t able to stay for the event itself. A mistake I wasn’t about to repeat. This time, move.breathe.flow was bigger and better with a live DJ blaring tunes while you essentially dance like no one is watching, in a room full of people. It’s an incredible feeling — completely liberating! Before I knew it, two hours had passed and I was drenched in sweat all over again.

Eats from this weekend, that didn’t include constant nibbling while preparing food for the event

Saturday’s Breakfast

Yogurt, blueberries, banana, raw strawberry-chia jam, greek yogurt and granola in a waning peanut butter jar


Lunch was quinoa mixed with hummus, feta and chickpeas with a side of cherry tomatoes, mozzarella and balsamic reduction

Todays breakfast was yet another yogurt mess with blueberries, nectarine and banana — overdosing on fresh fruit — granola, peanut butter and honey

and lunch was an open-faced mozzarella and tomato sandwich with carrots, caramelized onion hummus and strawberries

I’m blissed out and ready for bed. Toodeloo

Busy Body

Frozen banana, black berries, almond milk, vanilla protein powder, kale

I’ll deal with that later.

I honestly don’t know where the time goes. Some how I’m half way through Spring classes, two months away from gallivanting in Miami with my long-lost best friend, oh, and also, two months away from turning 21 which is juuuust peachy.

Melted apple crisp a la mode: 1 baked apple, chopped and frozen, 1 tsp. cinnamon, 1 tbsp. almond butter, 1 scoop vanilla protein powder –or greek yogurt + vanilla extract and pure maple syrup for desired sweetness — 1 c. almond milk, granola

It hasn’t been busy. I’ve been MIA because I ran out of ways to say “Hi, friends! Today I went to work and went to yoga and went to school and ate oatmeal and drank wine and watched a hundred episodes of Mad Men (yes – it’s Mad Men now. I finished LOST. All 6 seasons in a month. I don’t want to talk about it).


Almond butter, honey roasted almonds, dark chocolate with sea salt, raspberries

 Sandwiched & grilled. Bam.

Anyways. I figured since Spring classes would be over in a month, I should probably find some way to keep myself entertained for the rest of the summer. A second job seemed to be a good idea (Second. Because I am never leaving my current job. Ever.) So I poked around Kijiji, sent out a couple of resumes and got some pretty exciting responses.

Underrated leftovers: Turkey burger with artichoke-asiago spread and sweet potato fries

And accepted none of them. Yesterday, I dressed up in a pencil skirt and a blazer, shaved my legs (finally) and powdered my cheeks for an interview and although I enjoy the idea of having a swanky job where I have to dress up fancy and have lunch meetings and the like, I think it’s important to actually care about the business, what they do, and feel confident that you can offer something.

Honey and soy marinated tofu with quinoa-kale pilaf 

I went to The Yoga Passage after my interview and explained all of this to the manager of the studio. And then she hired me on to the front desk crew. I start tomorrow

Oats, banana, cinnamon, almond milk, cottage cheese, granola, peanut butter, raw strawberry chia jam

I’m thrilled. Like, running around in circles and busting out random bakasana thrilled. If you hadn’t noticed, I’m obsessed with this studio. Crisis (because having a slack summer would clearly be the end of my existance) averted.

Weekend Appreciation

From the summer of 2010 until summer 2011, I  could never really say TGIF because I worked on Saturdays. But now that I’m a Monday to Friday girl, I’ve regained the appreciation for weekends that I haven’t had since highschool! Bring on the sleeping in (until 7 a.m.) and leisurely chores (who am I kidding, I avoid my chores like the plague)

WhatEVER! TGIF. So there.


Oatbran, banana, almond milk, cinnamon, chia seeds, molasses, almond butter

Then there was yoga! A thousand chaturanga repeaters later, I headed to work.

My toes all but froze off on my way home but at least dinner was waiting!

Quinoa, green beans, salmon

Time to become a pathetic blob and sink into my sofa until Sunday night.

How YOU doin’ !?!?!?

Good day to you!

and you! and you!

Overnight oats, long time no see!

Oats, almond milk, flax, vanilla, salt –all night long, all night- This morning I added banana, dried cranberries and peanut butter

I worked all day but broke at some point for this delicious lunch

Kale, Cauliflour (steamed) quinoa, sunflower seeds, dried cranberries, goats cheese + Apple Schmapple

Ten minutes before me and the new trainee at work closed up the store, an obnoxious drunk man stumbled in slurring his words and stopped directly in front of the reception desk with a strange look on his face. All I could think was “please don’t vomit, please don’t vomit” and all of a sudden he burst out “HOW YOU DOIN’ ” like Joey from Friends. My reply: “we’re great, but closed. SORRY BYE HAVE AN AWESOME DAY!” Luckily he left with minimal greif. Awesome first day for the new girl!

I was a little restless after a long day at work so I just took an aimless stroll on my treadmill while watching Kitchen Nighmares.

Eye lids are heavy, but Criminal Minds is on soon! Priorities peeps.

In Your Face

We’ve been having some beeeautiful weather lately and all I want is SMOOOTHIES

This morning, I blended up soymilk, blueberries, frozen banana, cooked quinoa, chia seeds and spinach.

Packed up lunch for work

Baked sweet potato with hummus, feta and hot sauce with a dinky side of roasted broccoli, I accidentally burnt the rest

We have the most delicious teas that we brew every day at work and todays was Chanakra Red Berry Rooibos. I single-handedly drank most of the pot today at work and brought home the leftovers to chug over ice with strawberries under the sun

Not long after my cocktail, I started gettin’ down in my i’m-so-hungry-but-don’t-know-what-to-eat dance. Its a kind of bobbing of the knees and swinging of the arms while staring straight at the ceiling sobbing I-DON’T. KNOW-WHAT. TO-EAAAATTTTT. I think I’ll video tape it for you guys next time it happens.

Leftovers to the rescue, as usual

quinoa, chickpeas, tomato, feta, hummus, hot sauce scooped up with romaine lettuce leaves

what was in that tea…

I’ve been having some difficulties with my skin lately. I’m not certain exactly what the cause of it is, but I’ve been experiencing several eruptions of the face recently.

Holy-close-up-no-make-up-greasy-face-shot-on-the-internet-where-you-can-never-take-these-kinds-of-things-back, Batman!

I’ve been pretty lucky with my skin and have been able to maintain a pretty clear complexion with minimal effort throughout my teenage years -which, I might add, are over in less than a month- but occasionally things start to bubble and boil and my skin starts to resemble (veggie) pepperoni pizza.

Let’s go over the contributing factors that can make or break a healthy complexion, shall we?

Skin care routine:

Up until about a few months ago, I didn’t really have a skin care routine. I work at a store that sells an amazing skin care line called Eminence Organics. Before getting this job, my skin regimen was a splash of water in the morning and another before bed. This line contains absolutely clean ingredients, no artificial scents or animal products. At my job, I’ve learnt so much about the importance of using natural products for your skin care. Much like  ‘you are what you eat’, your skin ‘is what you smear all over it’ I’m hoping to have a guest post by the esthetician that I worked with in the near future who can discuss these matters in more eloquent terms.



Diet: An unhappy stomach is directly reflected through the skin. Eat fresh, healthy foods and your skin with show it. Fruits and vegetables are crucial for a sparkly complexion but don’t skimp on the fats! Salmon, egg yolks, coconut and nuts all have such an amazing effect on my skin.




If you’re dehydrated your skin appears dull and lacks that ‘glow’. Of course, water also helps to eliminate toxins from your system that manifest themselves in your body in the form of bumps and boils. aim for 8-16 glasses a day

Clean Makeup

Lucky me, my work also sells Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics. I find it so ironic that people use makeup to cover their ‘flaws’ with products that only feed the bacteria on your face and agitate the situation. Youngblood is another completely clean line of products (my boss is very particular about what we carry in the store. Only the best of the best!!) that gives great coverage without smothering your skin



Your skin is incredibly sensitive to bacteria and it’s important to make sure to keep your products and ‘tools’ clean. You might think nothing of dipping your finger into your tub of moisturizer but that really encourages bacteria to grow and fester in your products. Instead, use a plastic scooper or spoon to get your moisturizer (and clean it after every use!). Another problem is makeup brushes! It’s important to clean your brushes after every use, and give them a more thorough
cleaning -take them into the shower with you- once a week. Finally, change your pillow cases at least once a week. Every night that your head hits the pillow, your cases suck up the dirt and oil that is in your hair and on your skin and redistributes it onto your face night after night

So, what am I going to do about it?

Chug Greens:

A green monster a day and juice at least three times a week. This should be easy because it’s delicious. I don’t know if it’s all in my head, but I feel super glowy when I drink my nutrients. I would say cut back on alcohol and sweets but they’re not a huge part of my diet anyway so ‘cutting back’ would essentially be ‘cutting out’ and where’s the fun in that?

Cut back on makeup and keep it clean

I really prefer the way I look with minimal to no make up as opposed to with a full face of it. More often than not, I leave the house with nothing more than lip chap and eyeliner if I’m feeling frisky.

The truth is, I don’t really know how to put make up on so I tend to go a little crazy with it and can sometimes end up looking like a drag queen.

But I’m a girl, and playing with makeup is fun sometimes. Plus, how will I get any better at it if I don’t practise?

I do, however, make sure to clean my makeup off at the end of the night. I melt a little coconut oil in my palms, rub it all over my face and wipe everything off with a cotton ball.

My down fall is possibly the most important and the most neglected habit for many women who wear makeup, cleaning my brushes my esthetician friend is cringing as she reads this. 

Relax a little

I’m definitely feeling the pressure with Chemistry and frequent anxiety attacks when I start thinking about what I want to do when I grow up. Like I would tell anyone else in my position, take it one day at a time, organize my time wisely, don’t try to do too much, and make time for yoga. Which conveniently flushes my skin out and offers some gentle exfoliation via salty sweat.

Drink Drink Drink Drink

I’m really bad at drinking enough water. I tend to forget about it until right before bed, at which point I become incredibly thirsty! I’m going to take my own advice and aim for 8-16 glasses every single day.

I’ll do my best to maintain these habits and show you another awkward close up in a few weeks. Over and out!

Little Piggys

I’ve been watching a lot of Gossip Girl lately…

The acting is terrible, the plot, predictable and the fashion… remarkable.

It brings me back to my high school days, when I used to spend my lunch money on Vogue magazines and pretend that I knew anything about anything about fashion (don’t worry, I found nourishment via Wendy’s fries and Hershey’s cookies and cream bars. Cheap and efficient)

It inspires me to go one step further with my outfits and branch out from my normal uniform: a pretty, flowey top overLululemonWunderunders and flats. Easy, comfy, decent  LAZY LAZY BORING LAZY

So today, when I was getting ready for work, I decided to dress like a big girl and wear my pretty red Italy heels.

They’re my favorite shoes. I don’t get excited over shoes very often, but that one day, my best friend and I were roaming around in Sienna, and I saw them, and I loved them, and they were the only thing that I brought back with me, besides a bag of really cool looking pasta and a bottle of olive oil…

They are… magical, beautiful, evil, sadistic torture chambers for the feet.

My poor little piggies! These shoes actually used to be white… they’re only Red now because my own blood soaked through.

I almost passed out on the walk from work to yoga

I may or may not have walked barefoot through downtown for most of the journey… hello, hepatitis.

Hello, delicious salad…

Spinach, quinoa, strawberries, feta, walnuts, balsamic vinaigrette

Such a treat for the senses! Almost able to make you forget about the fact that your toe nails are about to fall off… if it actually happened I’d probably go around telling people I ran a marathon.

Mother Teresa worked with a group of female missionaries in Calcutta. Shoes were donated to them every so often and there were only enough so that everyone would get one pair. Mother Teresa would rummage through the box of shoes, find the worst pair and keep them for herself because she didn’t want anyone else to be stuck with them. By the end of her life, Mother Teresa’s feet were extremely deformed, so much so that many people thought that she suffered from Leprosy.

I’ll stop complaining now.



My legs were going twitch twitch twitch all night long. You know when you dream that you’re falling and your legs flail? It happened several times last night. I wish I could remember my dreams, I bet they’re full of adventure and rainbows.

I went to the gym before work today for 30 minutes of sprints/ incline walking to get the twitches out!

The weather isn’t perfect enough for me to want to run outside, and running on the treadmill is a draaaaag (most of the time) sprints on the other hand, are pretty fun, I do 9.0 for 20 seconds and 4.0 for 40 seconds. It goes by so quickly!

I showered and meandered to work for the day. Let me tell you a sure fire way to have the tightest hips ever: Sprints + Desk job. I got home, put some quinoa on the stove, and did a quicky hip-opening yoga flow of pigeons, runners lunges, happy baby, butterfly, fire log. Hurt. So. Good.

My mom made coconut curry with salmon for dinner, and I drowwwnnned my quinoa in it.

Joke’s on Me

I accidentally April Fooled myself by forgetting to turn off my alarm last night so even though I didn’t have to be at work until 10:00 a.m. today, I was up at 5:45 a.m. I enjoyed my breakfast while the rest of the house slept and headed to the gym to lift very heavy objects (I even GRUNTED to get some final reps out)

I was ready for a fast dinner when I got home, I contemplated digging into some leftover lasagna but I already had that for lunch, so I threw some leftover quinoa into a bowl with chickpeas, enchilada sauce, tomato slices, and a cheesy scrambled egg – equal parts cheese and egg!

I’m not doing ANY homework tonight, Instead, I’m going to plan and prioritize my next two weeks, it’s very necessary.



I had a delicious yoga practise today. Although, it’s kind of difficult to clear my mind when my hips are screaming at me.

I also got a new mat:

It was a hot yoga class so I tried some coconut water to replenish my electrolytes.

I wasn’t a fan, but I wouldn’t put coconut water on my foods I hate list.


I’m no photography pro. I usually take pictures of my food at different angles until I can get one that isn’t blurry or doesn’t have a shadow of me hovering over it and call it good. I like my food to look appetizing but for some meals it’s









Am I preeeetttyyy?


…On the inside

Quinoa + chickpeas + roasted broccoli + left over broccoli soup.

It was delicious. I understand if you don’t belive me.

then there was dessert..

Medjool date+ Walnut Butter + Dark chocolate

Kind of looks like a squished cockroach with its insides spilling out, no?