Days go by

Where did we leave off?

Thursday morning I started my day at the yoga studio for a warm flow practise. It was a perfect, sweaty start to the day ahead. Breakfast was toast with banana, almond butter, honey and granola with a side of summer fruit that just won’t quit

I was invited to a sneak peek at the Calgary Home and Design show, I brought along my friend Torrie since she is obsessed with interior design. We wandered around looking at all of the vendor booths, I paused for a good chunk of time to drool over a Vitamix and wrapped up our tour with a visit to the Fiasco food truck for some gelato.

We also tried one of their Belgian waffles which heavy and doughy and heavenly. I scooped spoonfuls of my cappuccino gelato onto every bite of my half of this monster.

I invited my friend Shifrah over for dinner, wine and Glee, so as soon as we got home we started cooking.

On the menu: Quiona with roasted butternut squash, kale and feta, and broiled tilapia with pesto.

I had also been bitten by the baking bug, so we whipped up a quick batch of vegan almond butter blondies with dark chocolate chips and raspberries stirred in. Serve with a scoop of banana soft serve spiked with coconut cream which I HIGHLY recommend.

Despite a sugar/ white wine hangover, I was recovered enough on Friday morning to go to Body Pump. I’ve been going pretty consistently so I upped the weights and wanted to die by the end (in the best way possible) that is what I love about the pump, it never, ever gets easy.

I took advantage of a short break in my day to catch up on some reading and inhale my lunch — some chickpeas/ quinoa/ hummus/ veggie mix. It’s the quickest, most filling healthy meal I can throw together

Class – Work – Dinner – Crash.

Saturday I was up bright and early, gobbled up an almond butter blondie and caught an early hot class before work. I dilly-dallied on my way home since it was such a beautiful day out and I work in one of the most beautiful parts of the city.

Once I finally made it home I put together a big salad heavy on the toppings

Wild rice mix, green lentils, chopped pear, red onion, blue cheese, walnuts, home-made honey-balsamic dressing over spinach.

Then I proceeded to sleep for 11 glorious hours. I am sad to report that my lingering cold snuck up on me again! I caught it early at throat tickles and pumped myself full of Echinacea and vitamin C and I think that did the trick, except for my obnoxious right nostril which refuses to unplug.

Today was most certainly not a day of rest but was probably my favorite day this week.

3 Course Breakfast:

  • 1st course: Echinacea
  • 2nd course: Emergen-C
  • 3rd course: Smoothie with banana, blueberries, almond milk, perfect fit protein, peanut butter, spinach

Then I hopped on a bus and a train to spend the day down at Eau Claire for the AIDS Calgary Walk for Life. If you’ll recall, I’m a volunteer photographer with the society so I was fortunate enough to spend the day capturing moments of fun at the event.

{The extra F in my name is for Fabulous}

I was so, so impressed with every aspect of the event. The passion for this cause is so inspiring between the members of AIDS Calgary Awareness Association, all of the sponsors, volunteers and participants.

I wrapped up the day at Yoga Passage for a fast, hot, and sweaty class that I ended with a few minutes of head standing to try and clear out my sinuses.

Sleep tight.

Crazy Sexy Adventure Day 9: BBQ

Quite the jam-packed Sunday!

Woke up to a giant smoothie – banana, cherries, cocoa, almond butter, spinach, chia seeds, almond milk, bzzzzz-, went to Body Combat, work, and back home for a family BBQ

Family barbecues usually revolve around the usual meat and potatoes (and BEER)  but I snuck in a little goodness.

Dug into a big bowl of greens with olives, lemony tahini dressing, grilled corn, zucchini, eggplant and peppers. The best part of my salad used to be the feta cheese but now I’m all about the olives. Salty and buttery I can’t get enough. I found some big green olives, each stuffed with a pickled garlic clove. I know, it baffles me how I’m still single too. I think salted pistachios would be another awesome vegan salad topper to offer that addictive quality of feta cheese.

Crazy Sexy dessert of grilled pineapple and coconut milk whipped cream. The whipped cream is simply the lucious, fatty coconut cream that floats to the top of your can of coconut milk. Scrape it away, leaving as much of the water behind as you can. Add a squeeze of agave and whip until smooth and dreamy.

Hope everyone’s weekend was fantastic! I am 10 days away from being on a plane to Miami !!!

Favorite Flavours

So ends this fantastic weekend! I’m going to go ahead and take all the positive vibes with me into the week. Nothing extraordinary happened, I just ended up doing most of the things that I really enjoy!

This morning I made another weekend kind of meal:

French toast with baked (nuked) apple slices, cinnamon, peanut butter and granola sprinkles.

Digestion -> Kickboxing! !

I sweat out all my sodium durring todays class because after a shower and 100 bottles of water, all I wanted was NaCl + CHO <- salty carbs. Sometimes I miss my nutrition classes!

Quinoa with veggies and chickpeas, topped with olives, hummus and feta.

After I snapped a picture the entire plate was drowned in hot sauce. The hummus/ feta/ hot sauce flavour combo is one of my favorites! Try it as a salad dressing, on a sweet potato, or in a grain dish like this one.

I meant to tidy up my room, but when ever I try, I end up playing dress up with all of my clothes and making a bigger mess than there was before! D’oh.

My mom guilt tripped me into watching Breaking Dawn with her when she got back from yoga and I had a pb + j smoothie as a movie snack

1/2 frozen banana, 2 strawberries, 2 tbsp. peanut flour, 1/2 c. almond milk. I am officially obsessed with peanut flour!

Back to Monday

Hello invisible internet friends! Hope you had a nice week, mine was spent avoiding the outdoors as much as possible due to some seriously brutal weather, like 40 below, brutal; drinking inordinate amounts of blacknbitter (coffee) and reading, reading, reading. Why didn’t anyone tell me that university required so much face-to-book time !?

This past weekend was positively perfection. I stayed out past my bed time to hang out with a friend on Friday night, slept in on Saturday (ok, until 7:30) and proceeded to indulge in a 3 hour yoga binge. 1.5 hours Ashtanga that left my upper body quivering and my hips screaming, followed by 1.5 hours of hot restorative. AAaaaaaah. Sunday morning I went to the gym for an hour of Body Combat and balanced it out by spending the rest of the day on my butt reading the translations of ancient Hindu scriptures. For a class, not exactly my idea of recreational reading. Best thing I made/ ate

Crispy fish and kale chips

The recipe was heavily inspired by the Eat Clean recipe for crispy chicken bites, except I used basa fish. The breading was a mix of ground almonds, flax, oat bran and wheat bran plus some herbs and spices. First I dipped the fish in a mixture of eggwhite and dijon mustard and then into the breading. Then the fish got broiled until cooked through.

30 second breakfasts are necessary

Greek Yogurt, granola, banana, raspberry preserves and peee-nah-bu-dah! <– How I say it in real life

I love the schedule I’ve made for myself. On Mondays either I go to the gym before class, then have a break to study, then go to work OR study in the morning, go to class, go to the gym and then to work. Today was the latter. I’m getting comfortable at the University gym. The sooner I establish myself as the weird girl who does squat jumps, the better.

Such a wonderful feeling to come home after a long day to see a platter of spaghetti just waiting to be attacked.

Settling into an evening of Gossip Girl and Text books (during the commercials, of course)

Sleeping Yogi

Hooray for Friday!

Most nights I fall asleep on my back or in the fetal position and wake up sprawled out, inverted or in some sort of advanced bind. Today I woke up with my body was facing one direction and my head facing the other. As a result my neck has been giving me attitude all day.

I tiptoed downstairs in the wee hours of the morning (getting back on the early bird wagon) for some breakfast

sauteed apple and peanut butter wrap, cinnamon, pumpkin butter and granola also joined the party.

I lazed around for a bit then went to the gym for a leg work out that felt ho-hum while I was going through it but by the time I showered afterward I was in pain. I’ll take it!

Lunch was a big salad

-spinach, tomato, goats cheese, chickpeas, sunflower seeds, dried cranberries, home-made pomegranate/ balsamic vianegrette & a slice of cinnamon raisin toast

And dinner after I got home from work was salmon and bowties with tomato-basil sauce.

I’m just figuring out my plans for the weekend. It’s going to be a busy one! I’m getting ready to go back to school on Monday (!) and have some plans that will be keeping me out past my bed time on Saturday night. Harrrrumph.

Black Hole

Zip-zop boobatee-bop. The long weekend is over.

I had a very nice couple of days, mostly relaxation but I managed to detach from the sofa briefly to play at the gym. Body Pump yesterday + Body Combat today. Everything hurts! Yoga tomorrow is a must.

I even set aside my knitting last night to go to the club with a friend. No drinks thanks to the cleanse, but it was nice to catch up and get out of the house

This morning I broke free of my oatmeal for breakfast routine and made a big ol’ pancake


1/3 c. buckwheat flour
1 tsp. chia seeds
1 tsp. baking powder
pinch of salt/ cinnamon
splash of vanilla
1/4 c. – 1/3 c. almond milk
1/2 banana sliced

DIRECTIONSMix together flour, baking powder, chia seeds, salt and cinnamon. Stir in almond milk until it reaches a thick, batter consistency. Pour into a hot pan, greased with coconut oil. Arrange banana slices onto the uncooked side of the pancake and flip when you begin to see bubbles form on the outer edges. Cook the pancake on the second side for 1-2 minutes until cooked through.

I left my pancake on the second side for a weee bit too long and my bananas went from caramelly pockets of sweetness to black holes in my breakfast! Still tasted good though. Especially with a schmere of almond butter and drizzle of honey.

I went to Body Combat and then spent a couple of hours pretending to clean and broke for some lunch

Spinach omelette with hummus + roasted chick peas

One more exciting thing from this weekend! Look at what I found while I was doing my hair

Do you see!?!? A white hair, I’m so old.