Days go by

Where did we leave off?

Thursday morning I started my day at the yoga studio for a warm flow practise. It was a perfect, sweaty start to the day ahead. Breakfast was toast with banana, almond butter, honey and granola with a side of summer fruit that just won’t quit

I was invited to a sneak peek at the Calgary Home and Design show, I brought along my friend Torrie since she is obsessed with interior design. We wandered around looking at all of the vendor booths, I paused for a good chunk of time to drool over a Vitamix and wrapped up our tour with a visit to the Fiasco food truck for some gelato.

We also tried one of their Belgian waffles which heavy and doughy and heavenly. I scooped spoonfuls of my cappuccino gelato onto every bite of my half of this monster.

I invited my friend Shifrah over for dinner, wine and Glee, so as soon as we got home we started cooking.

On the menu: Quiona with roasted butternut squash, kale and feta, and broiled tilapia with pesto.

I had also been bitten by the baking bug, so we whipped up a quick batch of vegan almond butter blondies with dark chocolate chips and raspberries stirred in. Serve with a scoop of banana soft serve spiked with coconut cream which I HIGHLY recommend.

Despite a sugar/ white wine hangover, I was recovered enough on Friday morning to go to Body Pump. I’ve been going pretty consistently so I upped the weights and wanted to die by the end (in the best way possible) that is what I love about the pump, it never, ever gets easy.

I took advantage of a short break in my day to catch up on some reading and inhale my lunch — some chickpeas/ quinoa/ hummus/ veggie mix. It’s the quickest, most filling healthy meal I can throw together

Class – Work – Dinner – Crash.

Saturday I was up bright and early, gobbled up an almond butter blondie and caught an early hot class before work. I dilly-dallied on my way home since it was such a beautiful day out and I work in one of the most beautiful parts of the city.

Once I finally made it home I put together a big salad heavy on the toppings

Wild rice mix, green lentils, chopped pear, red onion, blue cheese, walnuts, home-made honey-balsamic dressing over spinach.

Then I proceeded to sleep for 11 glorious hours. I am sad to report that my lingering cold snuck up on me again! I caught it early at throat tickles and pumped myself full of Echinacea and vitamin C and I think that did the trick, except for my obnoxious right nostril which refuses to unplug.

Today was most certainly not a day of rest but was probably my favorite day this week.

3 Course Breakfast:

  • 1st course: Echinacea
  • 2nd course: Emergen-C
  • 3rd course: Smoothie with banana, blueberries, almond milk, perfect fit protein, peanut butter, spinach

Then I hopped on a bus and a train to spend the day down at Eau Claire for the AIDS Calgary Walk for Life. If you’ll recall, I’m a volunteer photographer with the society so I was fortunate enough to spend the day capturing moments of fun at the event.

{The extra F in my name is for Fabulous}

I was so, so impressed with every aspect of the event. The passion for this cause is so inspiring between the members of AIDS Calgary Awareness Association, all of the sponsors, volunteers and participants.

I wrapped up the day at Yoga Passage for a fast, hot, and sweaty class that I ended with a few minutes of head standing to try and clear out my sinuses.

Sleep tight.

I’m starting to notice a pattern here

Another weekend bites the dust.

On Friday I went to a orthodontist appointment to pick up my stylin’ new retainer. Fact: I wore braces for seven years, plus two years of special retainers and head gears. Every time someone tells me I have a nice smile I reply with a snarky “I had better have a nice smile after all the years of torture I went through” It’s very unbecoming of me but I can’t help myself.

I went to work at Yoga Passage for the afternoon. It was my first solo shift and just when I started to get a little bit anxious, I heard an OM from the studio behind me and a sweet yogi gave me a Vegan, Gluten-Free cookie and tea. I could get used to this.

Typical Friday night.

On Saturday I was up early, double fisted a smoothie and tea and went to the Ashtanga 2 class before working.

I had a birthday to go to later that night so I did my hair, put on a uncomfertable outfit and even worse shoes and then proceeded to fall asleep (fully dressed) on top of a pile of laundry. I guess the week caught up with me. I felt awful when I woke up to my friends text that read “Heyy how far are u

This morning I had breakfast with my friend Natradee, we enjoyed a spread of yogurt with fruit and granola, peanut butter on toast and a boiled egg. It felt like a hotel breakfast.

Afterwards we went to Body Combat, where the instructor cruelly added plyometric lunges and donkey kicks to the mix. Grunting. Lots of grunting.

As much as I wanted to stay at home for the rest of the day and watch more Mad Men, I knew today was really my only chance to make a significant dent in my research paper that is due on Thursday -silent sobs- so I packed my bags and set up camp at Higher Ground Cafe for some work time.

Feminism + Fuel.

More Fuel.

This is my life. Cookies, Wine, Exercise, Work. I’ll take it.

The Bucket List

Last Saturday I finished at work but it was just to gorgeous outside to simply come home and play on Pinterest all night long. After exchanging a few texts with my friend Torrie, I ended up sitting on the patio at The Living Room with a big glass of wine. Love it when that happens.

We shared a couple of oysters. This was my first time trying oysters and they were essentially what I was expecting. Briney, slimy and clean. Checked off my unwritten bucket list

It’s that wonderful time of the year that my cravings switch and healthy eating becomes effortless because all I want is simply prepared, fresh foods. Also ice cream and sangria but I digress.

I want green monsters for every meal. I have my recipe perfected:

Big scoop (~2 tbsp) each of: vanilla protein powder, peanut flour, rolled oats. Little scoop (~1 tbsp) each of chia seeds and cocoa powder. 1 frozen, chopped banana, 1 c. almond milk, ~2 packed cups of spinach/ kale.

A big bowl of cereal had been calling to me for the last few days so this morning I slept in an threw together a bowl with a couple different kinds of cereal, flax, peanut butter, banana slices and beautiful berries with almond milk.

Cereal always makes me really full and then really hungry a few hours later. Lesson learned. Cereal = snack, not meal.

My mom and I tag teamed dinner tonight.

She charred grilled veggies and I made shrimp and potatoes. I steamed the baby potatoes for about 20 minutes and tossed them while they were still hot with lemon juice, pesto and goats cheese.

The shrimp was sautéed in butter with corn, garlic, and Cajun seasoning. Spicy and smokey, this dinner was extremely multi-cultural now that I think about it.

Do you have a bucket list?

I am constantly updating a bucket list in my head. Items on my list generally revolve around travel, education and food. i.e. go gallivanting across Europe for a non-specific amount of time, take Yoga teacher training at The Yoga Passage and learn how to poach an egg.

Breakfasts, Lately

Happy Monday!

My morning started out well enough. I was up at the butt-crack of dawn and had a really good lower body work out. Unfortunately, I was feeling a bit off near the end of my workout and spent all class with really strong pains in my stomach. I felt like I ate an avocado !?! Thankfully, I was able to not go into work today and came home to curl into a ball with tea and textbooks for the rest of the day.

Backing up to the weekend. On Friday night, my friends swooped me away from work and we went out for dinner and a little bit too much wine. I think I’m done with alcohol for the time being. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t drink a ridiculous amount of alcohol, I just have an embarrassingly low tolerance for the juice.

The next morning, I hung out at Good Earth Cafe to study for a bit before heading to the Yoga Passage. I get a Good Earth coffee between classes most days of the week and I’ve been waiting for the ‘right time’ to have one of their cinnamon rolls. What better time than a lazy Saturday morning while nursing a mild hangover? I took a peek at the nutritional info and was pleasantly surprised that they are whole-wheat, and <10 g of sugar!

After I felt content with my studying, I opted for a stroll around downtown in favour of the rigorous Ashtanga 2 class that I usually take on Saturdays. Something about inversions and back bends and binding sounded less than appealing given the state that I was in.

I did, however, make it back to the Yoga Passage for the afternoon hot restorative class which felt like a reset button on my entire body. I came out a new woman! In desperate need of a shower.

Smoothie Sunday

This was 1 frozen banana, 1 clementine, 1 tbsp. chia seeds, 1.5 tbsp. coconut flour, 1 c. almond milk, 1 tsp. vanilla extract topped with toasted coconut it was DE-licious and excellent fuel for Body Combat

Before my workout this morning, I had an oatmeal pancake (this recipe) with a laughing cow wedge, peanut butter and strawberry preserves on top.

I made a batch of 6 of these pancakes last night for easy first breakfasts (I usually have 2 smaller breakfasts because I can’t work out on a full stomach, and I know the importance of fueling my big scary muscles post-workout)

One more fun thing. I’m going to Hawaii with my family in exactly one month! Initially, I thought I would be left behind because of my exam schedule, but it turns out that there is a week between my last class and my first exam where I can join my brother and parents who get TWO weeks in Maui. I expect to have flash cards in my carry on bag.

The best kind of Saturday

I don’t think I’ve experienced ONE negative thought this whole day. I slept until 8:00 and woke up to make a breakfast worthy of the weekend.

Peanut Flour Pancakes. I know I’m a bit behind on the peanut flour trend but I’m glad I finally jumped on the bandwagon. Gluten-free, 16 grams of protein per serving and delicious. It’s not available in any Calgary stores (that I’m aware of) but I ordered it from here and it was on my door step in two days!

I’m excited about this stuff because I have yet to find a protein powder that I like, but this could serve as a good supplement in smoothies or to make bars with. My protein needs aren’t terribly high, but while carbohydrates fill me up at the meal, protein is what keeps me full, and who likes to be hungry? Not to mention, I become terribly unpleasant the moment my blood sugar dips.

Anywho, mix:

  • 1/3 c. peanut flour
  • 1/2 tbsp. ground flax
  • 1 tbsp oat bran
  • 1/4 c. almond milk
  • 2 tbsp egg whites
  • 1/4 tsp. baking soda
  • pinch of salt

then cook in a lightly greased pan, shower with toppings and enjoy!

Next time, I will add cinnamon and vanilla extract, I don’t know why I skipped those today.

I decided I wanted a tall stack of mini cakes rather than one or two big ones, which is what I usually do.

Topped with seared banana (just half a banana sliced through the middle and fried alongside the cakes!) greek yogurt, maple syrup and extra peanut butter. The peanut flour is de-fatted and fat is what ensures maximum rib-stickage for me!

Good breakfast.

After I cleaned up from breakfast I headed to The Yoga Passage for 11:30 Ashtanga 2 followed by 1:15 Restorative. I can’t even express how happy I am to have this place be a part of my life. I want to do this every day for the rest of my life (and my next life) I found that this past week I was a little bit hard on myself and overly analytical and lo and behold all of those thoughts and feelings magically dissolved after my practise thanks to my teachers’ always powerful words.

almost went right home after yoga, but hanging out at Starbucks for a couple of hours with the book I’m reading for my English class sounded much more inviting. What is it about coffee shops that makes a person infinitely more productive?

Dinner was roasted Cornish game hen with roasted veggies and baguette

I found WINE

Hope you all have had an equally fantastic Saturday. Seeya tomorrow!

Thursday Un-spun

Thanks to the nice family of overnight oat chefs who live in my fridge, breakfast was waiting to be devoured this morning

With banana, sunflower seed, crofter’s jam and pepitas added this morning.

The thought of going to spin this morning was so off-putting. Insert rest day HERE.

I did, however, take my hairy lump of a dog for a stroll

She doesn’t like the camera, she won’t look it in the eye

Dinner was cold pizza and wine. It’s been a day.

Take me to the weekend!

Rainbows Kittens and Butterflies

Hi there! Long weekends that make short work weeks are the best! Though, Wednesday will always be hump day, I was this close to falling asleep at my desk today! 13 hours of sleep, coming up! < I’m not kidding.

Since my family had Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday night, we had Monday to relax. I had gym plans but, oh yeah, the gym is closed on holidays. So I spent 30 minutes cleaning and doing laundry and the rest of the day creating a permanent impression of my butt in the couch. It was glorious!

Yesterday was my first day back to work and it went by so quickly because I had plans for after work!

My best friend ever since we were in pre-school Ashley just got back from her adventures in Europe with a slight accent and a slew of stories! I missed her so, p.s. she’s an incredible musician, see listen for yourself!

We came home to dinner 95% cooked thanks to super-mom who made some sautéed spinach and threw some sweet potatoes into the oven. All we did when we got home was add some sautéed shrimp to the spinach and dinner was served! With wine! on a Tuesday !?! We also nibbled on brie and triscuits, still working on that giant wheel of brie from Thanksgiving!

So happy to have my friend back on this side of the world!

This morning, I did the work thing and had plans for yoga after, but my sleepiness won out and I decided on a chill evening at home, especially because I have a very busy weekend coming up!

Dinner was MORE BRIE with cranberry sauce (also from Thankgsiving dinner), Dijon mustard and spinach. On the side I had sautéed brussels with butter, olive oil, white wine, red onion, salt, pepper raisins and honey. I had high hopes for these but they were just O.K.

Have a nice night!


Still being showered with an overabundance of sunshine! Excited as I am to move along to a consistent denim n’ coffee shop state of mind, Summer is the most social season for me. Bring on the interaction!

Last night, my friend Shifrah treated me to dinner at The Broken Plate for a belated birthday get together.

We shared a slab of FLAMING CHEESE and a half-litre of wine

For my main I went with a simple greek salad with shrimp skewers. I eat a salad every day but they are so much better when someone else has to do the chopping!

Since it was my birthday dinner (over a month later but who’s keeping score?) plate breaking ensued


Thanks for a wonderful night, friend! I’m always so excited to hang out with @MisShifrah (seriously, follow her on twitter)

The Time I Turned 20


This past weekend was my 20th birthdaY! I booked off work, karma cleaning and any other responsibilities so that I could drink a lot of things and hang out with my peeps. It was an EXTREMELY fun weekend, I woke up early, went to yoga, and later in the afternoon we had a bbQ at my house. Once everyone was sufficiently full of pita chips and MEAT, we hit the town, dancing with strangers and wandering around in our high heels. Even though we woke up in pain the next day, my friend and I headed to the mall where I spent my birthday gift cards (Forever 21 and William Sonoma (my Disney Land) THANK YOU !! I came home with new accessories and a food processor! Finally! I’ll have to get used to no being a teenager anymore (read: I can’t use that as an excuse for things anymore) and even though this isn’t where I THOUGHT I would be when I was 20 (living in a tiny apartment in Florence running a fruit stand… one day) I’m probably exactly where I should be. 20 down, 80 to go! Let’s hope Global Warming doesn’t get me before I turn 100!




Purple Drank

The juicing bug has hit HARD. It’s healthy and delicious but my produce stocks are becoming quickly depleted.

1 carrot, 3 broccoli stalks, 3 pineapple rings, 1/2 beet, 4 strawberries, 1/2 lime

It appears I’ve finally found a way to eat (drink) beets in a way that doesn’t make me gag!

I balance my juice intake with wine

It’s Canada day today! Red watermelon soaked in white wine, I had to get some patriotism in since my dinner was pretty exotic

Bed of spinach, soba noodles, broccoli, baked tofu -rubbed with garlic, ginger, bragg’s amino acids, sesame oil and maple syrup- all covered in mmm sauce, I just realized that this was vegan! Wooops

I had today completely off, no work, school or home work. I used to live for these days, when I could hermit myself away in a useless lump with no responsabilities but it was painful! I managed to do one load of laundry and drag myself out of the house to go to yoga but that was about where my productivity peaked. I guess I should soak up all the laziness I can before I start Chemistry on Monday, booooooo.