House Keeping.

Excited as I am for school having finally started, this week doesn’t really count. This is the house keeping week where professors explain the layout of the class, tell us which textbooks we need (always the expensive ones) and spells out the NO. CELLPHONE. POLICY.

Sunday breakfast: Overnight oats

1/2 c. oatmeal, 1 tbsp. chia seeds, 2/3 c. almond milk, 1 tbsp pumpkin seeds}Soak overnight
+ bananas, raspberries, nectarine and grapes


Spinach, roasted green beans, roasted beets,  Sweet Dijon Salmon, goats cheese, hummus and crackers

My house has been a construction zone for the past two weeks. My lungs are coated in saw dust, wood staining fumes AND paint fumes. But my house looks fantastic. I’ll put up pictures when it’s not in shambles.

Because of renovations, my parents had to camp out in the living room right next to the kitchen. Obnoxious as I am, I couldn’t bring myself to bust out the blender when they were still sleeping ten feet away.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Sunday night they moved back into their bedroom and Monday morning after a sweaty 6 am spin class, I blended 1/2 banana, 1/2 c. blueberries, 1 c. almond milk, 1 tbsp. peanut butter, 1/2 scoop vega sport performance protein, and ridiculous amounts of spinach.

It’s getting cooler in Calgary so though delicious, I had to crawl under the covers for a bit next to the space heater for a while. I have Raynaud’s phenomenon, when the cold causes blood vessel spasms and blocks the flow of blood to your extremities. After this smoothie my fingers were ghost white and numb. Worth it.

I spent the bulk of the morning putting my room back together (I was living out of my laundry basket in my basement for the last two weeks) and made a quick lunch before heading to school.

Brown rice tortilla, tempeh, tomato, spinach, hummus and Dijon mustard with grapes and snap peas. The Brown rice tortillas are awesome for quesadillas or tortilla pizza type things but are not meant to wrap things up.

Have I mentioned how obsessed with my schedule I am? I love it. After class yesterday, I headed to Yoga Passage for the 5:10 Ashtanga 2 class. It’s a shorter class, 60 minutes, opposed to 75, but perfect after my morning spin class which twists knots in my hips every time.

I think that catches us up!


Sleeping Yogi

Hooray for Friday!

Most nights I fall asleep on my back or in the fetal position and wake up sprawled out, inverted or in some sort of advanced bind. Today I woke up with my body was facing one direction and my head facing the other. As a result my neck has been giving me attitude all day.

I tiptoed downstairs in the wee hours of the morning (getting back on the early bird wagon) for some breakfast

sauteed apple and peanut butter wrap, cinnamon, pumpkin butter and granola also joined the party.

I lazed around for a bit then went to the gym for a leg work out that felt ho-hum while I was going through it but by the time I showered afterward I was in pain. I’ll take it!

Lunch was a big salad

-spinach, tomato, goats cheese, chickpeas, sunflower seeds, dried cranberries, home-made pomegranate/ balsamic vianegrette & a slice of cinnamon raisin toast

And dinner after I got home from work was salmon and bowties with tomato-basil sauce.

I’m just figuring out my plans for the weekend. It’s going to be a busy one! I’m getting ready to go back to school on Monday (!) and have some plans that will be keeping me out past my bed time on Saturday night. Harrrrumph.


My  day started like this:

Yogurt Mess in a Jar with a side of blog reading. Yum and Yum.

Did some work for my Language Arts class, when I start facing writers block, I just pretend that I’m a really amazing, analytical writer. It usually gets me another sentence or two until I need to do it again.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, lunch at home is SUCH a treat.

Wrap -salsa, feta, lentil walnut loaf, sprouts, laughing cow cheese edamame, orange, cherries

Later, my mummah and I went to hot yoga at a new studio that we wanted to try out because I had 50% off passes. It was Power Baptist which was essentially part Bikram, part Ashtanga part glorrrrrious. I nearly drowned in my own sweat.

Came home and headed straight for the kitchen. Would you believe me if I told you this tastes like a chocolate-cherry milkshake?

Frozen banana, cherries, cocoa powder, chia seeds, almond milk, spinach

That’s ok, I’m still your friend. They really are delicious though.

Hey, Mole. Moley Moley Moley

Yoga bust

I’ve made a lot of progress on my essay, so I’ve definitely earned my hot yoga class, unfortunately, I didn’t consider the elements and walking to the train station in the cold AND in the dark after a hot yoga class while I’m sweaty doesn’t sound as appealing as it did earlier today. At least I made it to my Yin class which was much better than my last one, when I was confused and exhausted and ended up falling asleep in every posture. This time I focused on my breathing and, not surprisingly, my back feels great.


I have a lot of fun packing my meals, actually I enjoy packing meals in general. for about half a year I had a deal with my brother, I’d make his lunches, and he’d drive me places. It worked out well until I found out that he wasn’t eating most of it! He’s a crazy artist and forgets to eat all the time, I don’t think I’ve ever forgotten to eat a meal ! As much as I enjoy packing food I don’t like wasting food so the deal was off and I’ve been relying on Public Transit and my feet for transportation. I can’t wait until the snow is gone so I can ride my bike !

Because I was SO sure that I’d be coming home around 10:00 p.m. today, I packed my lunch and dinner last night


Egg salad wrap (1 egg, scoop of hummus, a tiny schmere of olive spread) steamed broccoli with pasta sauce and parmesan, and strawberries with Sahale Snacks: Cashews with Pomegranate + Vanilla

Pita with hummus and cheese + Spinach, tomato, chickpea, sprouts salad, dressed in lemon-tahini dressing

I also packed up a back up orange and Kashi bar. I’d rather have too much than not enough !


I’ve slowly been working my way through some samples that Anja from  Sahale Snacks sent me to review.

Cashews with Pineapple, Peanuts, Lemongrass + Mild Chinese Chili

“Lemongrass, Soy glazed Cashews, Pineapple, Peanuts, and Sesame seeds lightly dusted with mild Chinese chili make up this exceptional, aromatic blend reminiscent of a great Thai dish.”

I am obsessed with the salty soy sauce flavour that was infused into these cashews. The black sesame seeds and peanuts were a nice texture contrast along with the chewy pieces of dried pineapple. I think these would be fantastic sprinkled over a vegetable stir fry but were great by the handful.

Pecans with Sweet Cranberries, Black Pepper + Orange Zest

“Made with black-peppered pecans and sweet cranberries, this sumptuous departure from everyday snack food evokes the classic taste of the American South.”

I was most excited about these because I love pecans and was intrigued by the black pepper in these nuts. The pecans had a nice sweetness to them and I definitely tasted the black pepper, it was delicious! My only complaint is that the cranberries were a bit too dry and almost hard. Besides that these were fantastic.

Almonds with Apple, Flax Seeds, Date, Balsamic Vinegar + Red Pepper

“This delectable snacking experience features almonds, apples, and flax seeds, tickled with date, balsamic vinegar and cayenne.”

These were my least favorite of the bunch, but they were still pretty good. I didn’t find that the apple and red pepper flavours went together very well and I think a tiny bit more salt would bring the flavours together more. Although, the nut blend was very pleasing texture-wise with the sticky and crunchy almonds and chewy dried apples.

Cashews with Pomegranate + Vanilla

We think we’ve found a perfect combination of sublime flavors: Pomegranate, Vanilla, and Cashews. Our whole roasted Cashews are teamed with Pomegranate and Apple, and balanced with pure Vanilla bean. Our light glaze adds just the right amount of sweetness.

Yum ! These are such a treat. They’re nice and sweet but also a little bit salty which I love. The tiny bits of pomegranate get really chewy and there’s the tinyest undertone of vanilla which is a good thing because I find that things that are too heavily flavoured with vanilla can easily taste artificial.


Well, I guess I’m going home, then! Lots of fun things happening tomorrow, Night !

Healthy Highschoolers

There is such a thing! (and belive me I wasn’t one of them)

About a month ago, I was invited by the Health and Wellness Club at my old highschool to work together to promote healthy options in the school (Hi FFCA-ers!!). So far they’re doing fantastic things, The club meets every Tuesday at lunch (while eating their healthy lunches!) and discusses new and exciting ways to make the student body healthier. They’ve already had a ‘Wellness Week’ and are working towards having vending machines with healthier options brought into the school. I’m so proud !

Today, I filled them in on everything I’m doing in the nutrition program I’m in and a bit of blog stuff, they actually gave me a bunch of ideas and motivation to make this blog bigger and better. We also brainstormed what I can talk about to the entire school at their upcoming assembly in April. Exciting stuff ! Thanks Health and Wellness Club, you guys rock!

Tuesdays are, of course, my evening class days, so, as soon as I press publish, I’m going to dig in to my dinner –which I packed in about 45 seconds– veggies and hummus, peanut butter/ banana wrap and an apple.

Oh, I guess I’ll also get to writing my Critical/ Analytical Essay on a poem. I’ve set a goal to have the intro and one body paragraph done before I head home so I better get to work. Why don’t poems ever mean what they mean !!?

Home for Lunch

The Zumbathon was a huge success! Pictures will be up soon, I wasn’t the one taking them, since I was kind of busy shakin my booty like a crazy person.

I just got home from another fun Zumba class, unfortunately my ankles and calves are a little sore so I will have to be kind to them for the next little while. I forsee a lot of yoga in my near future.

I usually don’t post my lunch because I’m never home for lunch! I’m good about packing my lunches the night before but it’s nice to be home to eat some times.

I had a little veggie wrap with sprouts, tomato, banana peppers, hummus, mustard and cheese with a salad of spinach, strawberries, and Sahale snacks Valdosta Pecans.

Ok. I am up to my ears in home work and presentations to prepare. Wish me luck !